Your place isn’t safe, when lightning can hit the Electrical units.

Your place isn’t safe, when lightning can hit the Electrical units.


Generally, all the necessary electrical components, units & devices which are being used in various sectors like Organization, power substations, Manufacturing units, Plants etc. are categorized under electrical wave occurrence. Despite being capable of controlling capacity, such types of electrical devices & components can badly be affected by high discharge of electric current that can cause by Lightning or Thunderstorms.

Proper dissipation & control is not possible due to high voltage of Lightning caused by thunderstorms. Hence to avoid any breakage, electricity fails, such system needs mechanism to control & maintain over a systematic balance between electric discharge & electrical devices.

Lightning arresters or surge arresters, since in this case the terms are somewhat interchangeable, are a device that is installed to protect homes, structures and power lines from dangerous surges of power. They are multi beneficial device that can act as a controller over lightning cause & to provide or discharge sufficient electricity to the electrical units or components.

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What is Lightning Arrester in general term?

Lightning Arresters are a device used to protect various types of electrical components & units from lightning strikes or Thunderstorms. An electric shock is nothing but a temporary increase in voltage, arc, spark, and surge current caused by electricity.

With the help of this tool, the surge current is lowered into the ground to provide security to the Electrical devices. The system can also protect power systems and overhead lines from ground wire or direct electric shocks using earrings. The device is designed in such a way that towers or transmission poles and buildings can be used to safely lower excess voltage and discharge currents into the ground.

Here are characteristics of an ideal lightning arrester.

  1. It should not draw any current during normal operating condition, i.e., it sparks-over voltage must be above the normal or abnormal power frequency that may occur in the system.
  2. Any transient abnormal voltage above the breakdown value must cause it to break down as quickly as possible.
  3. When the breakdown has taken place, it should be capable of carrying the resulting discharge current without getting damaged itself.
  4. The power frequency current following the breakdown must be interrupted as soon as the transient voltage has fallen below the breakdown value.

Why you need Lightening Arrester in your working premises?

  1. Can protect from the severe damages cause by Thunderstorms or Lightning.
  2. It is convenient for use.
  3. Provides protection outside the substation.
  4. It minimizes the damage to the overhead lines.
  5. Facilitates electromagnetic interference.
  6. Ideal for industrial & large manufacturing units.
  7. Outlet surgeries can be avoided.
  8. It limits the voltage produced by Lightning.

Prominent area f applications  where Lightning Arrester are mostly used..

Arresters are typically installed near critical appliances or points of entry, such as an electrical panel or near a generator. When potentially dangerous lightning strikes, the arrester activates and diverts the lightning to ground. It’s important to note that an arrester does not stop lightning, in fact, it limit and mitigate the electrical charge.

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