Enhancing Employee Workspace Experience

Enhancing Employee Workspace Experience

As a part of the Digital Transformation Journey, enhancing employee’s workplace experience becomes an important aspect to focus on for the enterprises of today who are hiring either millennial (those who are born between 1982 and 2000), or iGen Generation (born between 1996 and present). These generations have exceptional talent and a digital working style.

iGen or GenZ youth are born in the true digital world and have grown up with computers, mobiles, tablets or smart devices around them since birth. This has made them quite different than the other generations.

They have an entrepreneurial mindset, clear career goals and a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) attitude. They are individual players, continuous learners and feedback seekers. They are creative, honest and they want a personal touch.

Enterprises need to be prepared for enhancing workplace experience for this generation by transforming their IT Infrastructure, deploying BYOD, allowing flexible working hours, providing powerful digital tools for Learning & Development and for feedback. They must have more self-service platforms than the legacy dependency model provided.

So are we ready for GenZ?   cybersecurity digitaltransformation millennials

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