How do you Monitor the condition of cargo in transit?

How do you Monitor the condition of cargo in transit?

Get your solution for quality assurance and compliance together with Honeywell Blutag 360

Overview of the Solution

Monitoring the condition of cargo in transit, for some products, such as pharmaceuticals or high-tech equipment, controlling environmental conditions in transit is more important than its physical location, therefore Monitoring devices are attached to the cargo at the point of loading and collect information while the cargo is in transit. They transfer data in real-time to the analytical platform. These devices measure humidity, temperature, light, shock and GPS location system in distribution, logistics and inventory management for its ability to identify many items at once without direct line-of-sight.

Blutag 360 is a specific & supreme device made for incorporating temperature and humidity sensors to monitor shipment conditions in real time.

It has introduced as a data-monitoring solution that considers machine learning and block chain technology to capture critical shipping-condition data of temperature and can even help address counterfeiting problems that can arise while goods are in the transit.

Generally, sectors like logistics, manufacturing and industrial units faces issue while the shipments in the transit and it is hard to identify the surface temperature and examine of various goods and services Blutag 360 works as a monitoring equipment for sensitive & critical products, also it helps to check with temperature of system accordingly.

Let’s know more about the this solution and its specifications & where to use this solution?

Here you find the Blutag 360 with some effective features.

  • BluTag 360 is a single use data logger
  • Primarily used at the Industrial / manufacturing units
  • The user interface and display activities incorporate in PC Software
  • Its dimension is 76.9 X 61.2 X 13.5 mm
  • Its exports and extracts the data in PDF & Excel format
  • It has a LED indicator with clear visibility on battery use

Why you required Blutag 360 for your Business  

  • USB Interface connectivity
  • Provides digitized shipment records
  • Works on offline mode when network connection is poor
  • Accurately record readings across a wide temperature range
  • Supports data integrity
  • Extremely reliable
  • Re-configurable and can be deployed for multi-use recording option
  • Visibility for past 30 days can be downloaded for shipment history

The best solution we are offering, to make your shipping process smoothen

Monitoring of goods and services, examining humidity and temperatures thus has become a tentative subject for all the manufacturing and industrial units, hence often such organizations look for a solution that can help them for complete execution.

Hence we hereby introduce a supreme solution Honeywell Blutag 360,which is one of its kind, an asset
monitoring solution to enable safer shipments of sensitive products. Get your own BluTag device with best quotation and pricing. Contact us Today.

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We have been widely known as system integrators for subsequently providing end to end solutions to numerous customers.

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