SASE, A Learning Curve in Work from Anywhere Environment

SASE, A Learning Curve in Work from Anywhere Environment

Although SASE is not a new concept, it has surely left its mark in recent times where remote access and working have become the norm no thanks to the pandemic of COVID – 19.

What is SASE?

According to a spokesperson of NTIPL – a leading secured remote worker solution provider Mumbai, SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge.

It is a cybersecurity concept described first by Gartner in their August 2019 report.


Generic network technologies and approaches are no longer sought after by modern-day businesses especially the ones that are still trotting in the post-pandemic era.


As per network engineers associated with top DNS security vendors Mumbai, the tried and tested networking approaches and technologies do not provide the security levels, access and control business that solely rely on digital modes of business models need in this day and age.

Due to an increase in remote logins and movement of data from the data centre to cloud services, as well as a surge in online traffic, SASE became a popular approach that offers a new approach for network security.

How term sassy is coined by Gartner

Secure Access Service Edge which is pronounced as “sassy” was a term that was coined by Gartner in their August 2019 report.

According to the experts at Gartner, SASE addresses traditional networking issues when large amounts of data are being concentrated into the cloud.

How SASE got popular due to Remote Working Era of Now?

SASE consists of built-in WAN optimization protocols and a private backbone thus avoiding downtimes.


Well, according to security analysts associated with leading providers of DNS server security solutions India it will be avoiding the unpredictable Internet thus making sure every user connected or trying to connect remotely with the network they want to use can do so seamlessly.

Why SASE is the best investment for Enterprises?

SASE is the best investment for enterprises for a lot of reasons. Some of the most compelling ones are as follows –

On-demand Protection

SASE has next-generation firewall protection.

Cost Saving by 40%

Security costs can be reduced by more than 40 per cent when you use SASE as you won’t be buying, managing or testing a dedicated firewall.

Predictable Investments

Due to the absence of up-front and replacement costs, it is a predictable investment.

Centralized Management and Reporting

It comes with a centralised reporting and management console that is backed by real-time analytics this making it easy to manage policies and generate reports.

SASE wins over agility

SASE allows a company to leverage the existing infrastructure thus making it an agile and scalable solution.

Here’s how SASE is an agile solution!

Remote working needs a cloud-based Infrastructure that can join a network and its security capabilities edge to edge seamlessly and at reasonable costs. SASE can help you achieve all of that!

Furthermore, as per the CEO of NTIPL – one of the leading providers of DNS protection and DNS security services Mumbai, SASE also dynamically shapes traffic by prioritizing critical application requirements. On top of these, it also stops exploits and malware penetration by using the latest threat intelligence.


Network Techlab is a leading provider of secured work from home solutions in Mumbai that has been offering SASE solutions along with a plethora of other IT services for the last 25+ years. The company offers SASE solutions that are backed by consistent security services and access to Cloud Applications using public, private and SaaS channels through a common framework.

For more details regarding SASE solutions offered by NTIPL please refer to this link

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