Sure Fire Ways Of Converting CAPEX to OPEX!!

Sure Fire Ways Of Converting CAPEX to OPEX!!

Solutions are not necessarily capital intensive. With unique rental services one can now convert their CAPEX to OPEX.

IT Rental applications :

New installations or updating software often involve staff training, in- house training and this can require more hardware resources than most offices have on hand. To create a real world environment for training, most companies aim to set up a classroom that portray their work flow and processes. A server that is dedicated to training gives employees the chance to test new features and procedures in a secure setting that will not effect real data and programs.

Testing of new software applications or new hardware is another scenario that calls for server rentals. As with training, the purpose of testing is to recreate the exact environment in which software or hardware will be used. Renting a server is a cost-effective solution.

Moving an office can be a logistical nightmare. Somehow one has to keep business running smoothly while all of your equipment and people are scattered. Having the temporary use of rental programs to help minimize or eliminate downtime. Use a rented server to replace the live server until your equipment is moved. Or, you can use a rented server as a backup in case anything gets lost or damaged during the move.

Hardware failure or natural disasters can cause costly problems for any business. New Era gives you the equipment you need to keep functioning until your original hardware is replaced or repaired.

Server Leasing :

Many organization prefer to sublet equipment to preserve working capital or to expense as an operating lease. Providing customized either a capital or operating server leasing solution to meet their financial goals is very vital. We can include every expense including hardware, software and services in a customized financial solution.

Servers on Rent :

There are many short-term demands for certain types of servers and we can help by providing convenient rentals on this type of equipment for a desired period. We maintain a huge inventory as well as access to wholesale inventories, which means one can get the equipment as per their requirement, when they need it with convenient payment terms.Amongst our major offerings we have server rentals, computer rentals, laptop rentals and plasma rentals. We also offer projectors, notebooks, printers & more equipment on a rental basis. We are the principal provider of short term technology equipment rentals, technical service and support. We carry state of-the-art servers, computers and display technologies from major manufacturers along with a host of other brands. Companies choose us for computer rental services for business, meetings, events, seminars, computer training, trade shows and conventions.

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