Why Cloud Security Is Important?

Why Cloud Security Is Important?

Today as organizations are moving to Public Cloud due to its features like flexibility, agility, pay as you go model, reduces an organization’s operational headache and many more.

Almost every organization has at least a minimum of one or two applications on the cloud which means that application data is also maintained on Cloud.

Public Cloud is a shared responsibility between cloud providers and Customers. Public Cloud’s responsibility is to provide the availability of resources to build your applications. When you build your application the data inserted on is the customer’s responsibility to protect them, the public cloud won’t provide any security for this data.

Also as a public cloud, the name itself says it is public and shared Data Center which is accessible from anywhere in the world unlike a physical Data Center where we have physical security to access the Data Center.

When organizations are moving to public cloud they assume that the Cloud is secured which is a myth. Here are few very common and critical public cloud challenges.

Visibility: Visibility is the major challenge on public cloud organization doesn’t get complete visibility of their public cloud infra as to how many resources they are using, in which region they are using, etc. And if the organization is using multiple cloud provider this becomes more difficult to get complete visibility.
Compliance: Almost all the organization today follow some of the other compliance standard for their infra which is very important for every organization to follow compliance on public cloud is the second biggest challenge
Configuration Assessment: As public cloud adoption has increased, a lot and lack of visibility misconfiguration on the public cloud has increased.
Few common misconfigurations are providing public access to storage buckets, exposing vulnerable ports like 80, 22 etc which are clear text port, providing any security group sets. This misconfiguration on the public cloud opens doors for hackers to get into your public cloud infra.
Network Traffic visibility: As on public cloud organizations have public-facing applications so it is very important to get the visibility of what traffic is coming in or going out. Also, all the traffic needs to get scanned for security features like IPS IDS, viruses, spyware etc.
Lack of resources/expertise: companies and enterprises are facing today is a lack of resources and/or expertise. Organizations are increasingly placing more workloads in the cloud while cloud technologies continue to rapidly advance. Due to these factors, organizations are having a tough time keeping up with the tools. With this the need for expertise continues to grow.

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It is very important for an organization to have security for the public cloud infra and also the workload security which are hosted on the public cloud.

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