Why Cloud Adoption is leading IT Infrastructure Initiatives?

Why Cloud Adoption is leading IT Infrastructure Initiatives?

IT infrastructure is the backbone of modern enterprises. Irrespective of the sector, size and age of a company, it should have an IT infrastructure that can meet its business expansion and daily scalable IT needs.

Traditional IT infrastructures are mostly rigid as scalability factors for such infrastructures are time and cost intensive. Adopting solutions offered by cloud computing and cloud storage providers in Mumbai is the new way to run a successful and future-proof business.

Furthermore, adopting cloud-based IT infrastructures also allows entrepreneurs to make sure their company has –

  • the computing capabilities
  • the networking capabilities
  • the collaborative tools and
  • the necessary IT resources needed to run resource-intensive but essential applications required for the progress and growth of their ventures.

Other reasons why cloud adoption is leading IT infrastructure initiatives across India and the rest of the world are enunciated in the sections below –

Challenges of implementing new IT infrastructure

The CEO of a revered public cloud service provider in India points out that business IT infrastructures are complex. Modernising the entire IT infrastructure of a company from the ground up is a time and resource intensive process. If an entrepreneur has the time and money to do so then they can go ahead with this approach but the infrastructure has to be designed flawlessly in order to make sure that it will be able to keep the business ahead of the competitive curve and ahead of rivals who are using advanced cloud-based IT infrastructures.

Furthermore, the cost and time needed to modernise the IT infrastructures of a global business will be otherworldly as every single office of a global business would have to be taken offline in order to modernise their respective IT infrastructures.

Hence, to keep things simple and cost effective, large as well as medium scale enterprises should switch to cloud-based IT infrastructures as it would allow all chapters of the business to enjoy seamless connectivity to the internet and one another.

Furthermore, access to scalable resources such as processing power and storage solutions are also bonus factors that entrepreneurs should strongly consider. A cloud-based IT infrastructure will also allow a business to –

  • Create new products
  • Develop new business ideas
  • Enter untapped markets and
  • Product/service R&D at a rapid pace thus contributing to the growth and development of the company in the long run.

Cloud offers more stability and performance optimisation

According to the opinion of a veteran cloud network analyst associated with the best cloud service provider in Mumbai, companies that adopt cloud infrastructure are taking the first step towards the stabilisation of their existing IT environment.

Furthermore, adopting cloud infrastructure allows a business to adjust its resource bandwidth on the fly which is not only cost-effective but at the same time, ensures that the company never falls prey to outages due to workplace accidents, security breaches or natural calamities.

Hence, if an entrepreneur wants to make their business infrastructure more stable and performance-oriented then adopting cloud-based infrastructure is the way of the wise.

Cloud-based infrastructure allows enterprises to make the best use of SDS

Adopting cloud-based infrastructure allows entrepreneurs to make the best use of SDS or better known as Software-Defined Storage. SDS means that all storage related operations requested or needed by an enterprise would be handled by software based storage solutions instead of traditional storage hardware.

Cloud based infrastructure allows enterprises to ditch the traditional storage approach. Traditional storage solutions have a tipping point beyond which, they cannot fulfil the storage needs of a growing enterprise.

In simple words, adopting cloud-based infrastructure allows entrepreneurs to make their enterprises free from the bindings of legacy storage solutions as cloud storage solutions allows entrepreneurs to pre-emptively add storage capacity to their cloud infrastructure even before the existing allocated storage runs out.

Furthermore, SDS offers better control to businesspersons by optimising infrastructure capabilities in a bid to meet storage requirements.

Cloud adoption can meet the growing infrastructure needs of businesses

Cloud infrastructure engineers have come a long way since cloud computing was introduced back in the 1960s.  Cloud infrastructure engineers can now meet the needs of businesses from all sectors, ages and sizes thus allowing CTOs, CEOs and small to medium scale entrepreneurs to meet their respective business objectives by promoting collaboration among their respective workforces scattered within a nation or across the globe.

Cloud adoption is the ideal step for software development companies

Businesses from all sectors can benefit when their respective CEOs choose to replace traditional IT infrastructure with cloud infrastructure. However, the benefits of adopting the cloud for software development and software testing companies are on the next level.

When a software development and testing company adopts cloud infrastructure, the entity reduces its capital expenditures by many folds. Furthermore, it also reduces the chances of the entity coming to a grinding halt if artificial or natural disaster strikes the place of business.

Cloud infrastructures offer a myriad of failsafe features to their users in the form of continuous backups, data replication and redundant features that allows a business to future-proof itself even at times of uncertainties like the still raging COVID-19 pandemic.


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