Why Building Your Own Data Center is a Terrible Idea!

Why Building Your Own Data Center is a Terrible Idea!

It’s likely that when you built your data center, there were very few companies around that had a data center you felt comfortable using. Go back about two hundred years and you’ll see that most manufacturers built their factories along rivers so they could install their own electrical power generators driven by paddle wheels. They had to because there were no municipal power utilities.

Why do you need a data center?
A data center is actually a centralized repository that maybe physical or virtual that houses computer systems for management, storage and dissemination of information and data organized around a business entity. A data center can be classified generally into either Internet-which supports few applications or enterprise data center which is a custom shelf of applications.

Do you know where your files are stored?
You guessed it right, they are in a virtual data center. Now you don’t have to take care of the hardware maintenance, staff, flexibility, networking, power, scalability. Moreover, if you are in India and your target audience is in the US, simply take the request the nearest server location and your website will be hosted near the US server thus giving you enough flexibility and room.

It is a wise decision to go with the concept of a data center as it ensures the reliability and access of the mission-critical information contained within the data center’s storage. It also entails efficiently placing application workloads on the most cost-effective compute resource available.

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