Which is the right choice for your Business, Edge or Enterprise Data Centre?

Which is the right choice for your Business, Edge or Enterprise Data Centre?

It isn’t that simple to choose a data centre solution for any business. Currently most Data Centre providers facilitate many types of features and it’s terminology of it might confusing and contradictory. The companies need to take time to choose a Data centre solution that suit their requirement as it directly impact the business performance and its success. For that matter let’s understand both Edge as well as Enterprise Data Centre, both this solutions might share some basic characteristics but on the other hand they also serve very different purpose.

What is Edge Data Centre?

Edge Data Centres are difficult to define, but they are nearly smaller facilities that extend the edge of the network to deliver cached streaming content and cloud computing resources to local end users with minimal latency. Colocation providers tend to operate Edge Data Centres, as these Data Centres are built for speed and versatility. These facilities are incredibly valuable which are trying to improve regional network performance and penetrate local market.
In edge computing architecture, Edge Data Centre plays a crucial role that makes IoT (Internet of things) possible.
Edge data centers are also useful for caching high-demand content for local end users, making it possible for companies to deliver uninterrupted services to keep pace with consumer demand.

Benefits of Edge Data Centre:

  • Traffic/Load Distribution
  • Minimized Latency/Lag
  • Increased Reliability
  • Reduced and More Predictable Costs (with Colocation Services)

What Is an Enterprise Data Center?

Sole organizations mainly have a setup of such private facility of edge Data Centre; they may locate either off-premises or on-premises at a site chosen for power, connectivity and security purposes.
The word “enterprise” is an industry term, gets thrown around quite a lot and attached to several different concepts. Although sometimes used interchangeably with hyperscale data centers, an enterprise facility is defined more by its purpose and ownership than by its size and capacity.
Google and Facebook are giant tech companies make extensive use of enterprise data centers. However, their massive hyperscale data centers are not the most common form of private facility.

Benefits of Enterprise Data Center:

  • Compatibility with Specific Software Applications
  • IT Visibility

Enterprise Data Center or Edge Data Center: What to choose for your Business?

There are number of factors for deciding whether a company should use an Edge Data Centre or Enterprise Data Centre as they serve very different purposes. Enterprise data centers are ideal for companies that have strict security or compliance demands they can’t afford to entrust to a third-party provider.

Edge data centers, however, fill a much more specific role, for a company utilizing edge computing strategies or entering the internet of things (IoT) market, building an enterprise data center with a permanent footprint and operational cost doesn’t make much sense. The edge computing architecture is to provide flexibility.

So, which is right for your business? An organization with a large IT budget and can achieve the economies of scale necessary to justify the expense of building a hyperscale data center or needs to meet exceedingly strict data security requirements that third-party vendors simply cannot meet, then an enterprise data center can make sense.

A business with a large, distributed network of users for your enterprise applications, is operating on a tight budget, or needs data center infrastructure that’s compatible with the latest operating systems and software, then a colocation “edge” data center may be the best option for such organisations.

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