Various Applications To Adopt Cloud

Various Applications To Adopt Cloud

Back in the day, it was pretty hard to imagine that a day would come when one would be able to access all pertinent data of their venture remotely and while on the move.

Thankfully, such solutions are not a part of science fiction anymore! It has become the norm. The advent of cloud computing and cloud based applications has made it pretty easy for small, medium and established businesses to manage their respective data effectively.

So what is a cloud solution?

According to the team leader of cloud services offered by one of the best cloud service providers in Mumbai, a cloud solution is a pay-as-you-use IT solution that lets one store data in data centres or use applications installed in centralized data centres remotely.

Why do entrepreneurs need to adopt cloud solutions?

Many reasons drive modern-day entrepreneurs to readily implement cloud solutions in their ventures. Some of the top reasons, according to the CEO of a revered public cloud service provider are mentioned below.

  • Cloud-based applications and cloud solutions in general make it easy for entrepreneurs to easily access data as well as online apps remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud solutions make the work culture of a company flexible.
  • Cloud solutions offer impressive data security, privacy and control to end users.
  • Cloud solutions are known for their cost-effective nature and low upfront costs.
  • Cloud solutions make it convenient for an entrepreneur to maintain remote teams and facilities.
  • It is pretty easy to back up daily pertinent business-critical data using cloud storage solutions.
  • Adopting cloud services is one of the easiest ways to incorporate automation in a business.
  • Adopting cloud solutions lets a business remain updated by getting early access to the latest technologies.
  • Adopting cloud solutions allows entrepreneurs to offer their workforce members make the most out of real-time collaboration backed with user consistency.

What are the top cloud-based services available to entrepreneurs these days?

The top cloud-based services available to entrepreneurs these days are many but none of them even come close to the one mentioned below in terms of popularity.

1. Tally Cloud Service

According to the lead technical head of a revered Tally cloud service provider in India, Tally cloud service is a pay-as-you-use IT solution where offline Tally software is hosted on a remote server and then accessed by end users remotely.

2. Public Cloud Service

An IT model where providers of public cloud services offer computing services such as processing power, storage solutions, etc. over public networks is known as public cloud service.

3. AWS Cloud Service

AWS stands for Amazon Cloud Services and according to spokespersons associated with revered AWS cloud service providers, AWS cloud solutions offers entrepreneurs an array of cost-effective and scalable cloud-based computing solutions. Startups and MNCs can benefit a lot by implementing AWS solutions to their existing IT infrastructures.

4. Cloud Web Hosting

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in demand for quality-assured cloud web hosting services in India and abroad. So what exactly is cloud web hosting?

Well, according to the spokesperson of one of the leading cloud web hosting providers in Mumbai, when applications and websites are made accessible to end users using a network of connected physical and virtual cloud servers hosting the applications or websites in question then this IT solution is known as cloud web hosting.

5. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage providers in Mumbai define cloud storage solutions as an IT model that allows end users to store data and standalone files of their businesses in remote data centres. The remotely stored data and individual files can be accessed either by using the public internet or via a dedicated network connection that has been set up specifically to address the needs of a user.


Adopting cloud-based services is slowly but surely becoming the norm in the global corporate sector. However, if one is not clarifying their doubts about cloud-based applications they plan to implement in their company, they might face problems in the future. For the best results, it would be ideal for entrepreneurs to consult veteran cloud service providers like Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. The ISO 27001:2013 certified cloud solutions provider has been associated with the sector since 1996. It is a customer-centric service provider with a pan-India footprint and a stellar clientele. For more details, please call 022 6681 4141 or send an email to

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