Here’s why businesses need to adopt BaaS services quickly

Here’s why businesses need to adopt BaaS services quickly

Incorporating automation in the form of BaaS or Backup as a Service in a bid to manage data generated by a corporate entity is the way of the wise.


BaaS solutions help CTOs to ensure that interactions between the data generated by their venture and their employees are minimal.

Why do interactions between business-critical data and humans need to be capped?

Well, it is the only way to keep espionage, sabotage and accidental overwrite(s) at bay. Furthermore, it lets the in-house IT department to attend more pressing matters like updating the IT infrastructure of the venture.

What other benefits does BaaS entail for corporate entities?

Visionary CTOs who choose to implement BaaS solutions in their ventures would be able to enjoy the following benefits –

BaaS reduces overhead costs of an enterprise by many folds

BaaS solutions allow CTOs to make the most out of the best bits of cloud technology.

It means that one would not need to spend boatloads of money in a bid to build a dedicated IT infrastructure within the confines of their business that will be used solely for data storage.

With BaaS solutions, CTOs of small, medium and large-scale ventures can pay a nominal service charge to a BaaS vendor. The service charge depends on the cloud storage space a CTO needs for storing business-critical data generated by their venture.

Some BaaS vendors like Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. offer impressive solutions like AtmosVault. The best part about AtmosVault is that one can use up to 25 GB of storage space free of cost for the first month!

BaaS is scalable and easy to manage

Apart from being one of the most affordable storage solutions for corporate entities, BaaS or cloud backup services in Mumbai also offer CTOs the benefit of scalability.

The enunciation is as follows –

It is natural for a corporate entity to generate large volumes of data in a short time. Furthermore, the quantity of data generated by a company will increase exponentially. Hence, the corporate entity will need more cloud storage space.

BaaS solutions do not entail fixed storage plans. Instead, BaaS vendors ensure that their solutions can be scaled-up or scaled-down by their clients depending on the latter’s requirements.

Impressive isn’t it!?

BaaS vendors offer flexible storage options

Modern BaaS solution providers are known for their flexibility in terms of offering options to their clients.

In simple words, leading BaaS solutions providers not only offer cloud-based storage solutions to their clients. But at the same time, they also run and maintain dedicated data centres with state-of-the-art servers in a bid to cater to those ‘old-school’ CTOs who are yet to warm up to cloud storage solutions.

BaaS offers more data security

Cloud storage providers in Mumbai such as Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. are pioneers of data security. The reason is simple – BaaS solutions providers incorporate proprietary encryption as well as digital access control measures within their IT infrastructure in a bid to keep the data of their clients safe from sabotage, espionage and accidental deletion.

Hence, in case one is worried about data security, they should adopt BaaS solutions for their venture today!

Looking for a reliable BaaS vendor?

Contact Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. – the Mumbai-based, 27001:2013 certified BaaS services provider with a stellar client base, pan-India presence and second-to-none reputation. For more details about their AtmosVault BaaS solutions, please call +91-8879004536 or send an email to

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