True Next-Gen Storage: Reduce Data Footprint And Amplify Performance

True Next-Gen Storage: Reduce Data Footprint And Amplify Performance

This new Storage technology will change IT INFRA architecture and reduce data foot print in your Data Center.
I have worked on many IT projects of storage consolidation , servers as well as Desktop virtualization. As an architect my personal experience and observation is that IT is under cost pressure to optimize the storage architecture and bring down the cost at the same time.

Why only storage? Because it is the most critical as well expensive component in the IT Infrastructure & I must say the heart of every organization. I have always tried to provide best of the breed solution & technology so that business critical applications function smoothly. In short I aim at providing a WOW experience!!!
I believe Every Organization IT platform must be designed in such a way that users & partners experience a magical Jet speed performance. I always evaluate new technologies, understand their architecture in-depth and assess the cost benefit ratio. One of my recent observations is that all storage vendors are forusing on design re-architecture to deliver performance with the help of CPU & memory controller rather than relying on age old disk based performance. They are also modifying storage kernel for utilizing CPU & memory to deliver maximum throughput.

Some of the known solutions that have adopted this architecture are: EMC XtremIO , EMC VNX2 , HP 3 PAR , Pure Storage , Nimble Storage etc. While some solutions demand using All Flash & some demand a Hybrid approach, the interesting fact is that we all need to accept the CPU & Memory centric architecture because these are the only components that have witnessed dynamic growth and change. According to IDG, Intel has a history of launching a processor faster than its predecessor every 16 Months .

My recommendation is, while designing data or virtualization solutions for customer we should start taking new technology advantages into consideration which will benefit the business by reducing footprint and optimizing performance at a reasonable cost which in turn will help provide customers a WOW Experience !!!
— Written By Mr. Prasad Pimple

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