Top Things to know before doing structure cabling

Top Things to know before doing structure cabling

Structured cabling is the basic foundation on which all other network equipment depends. Now more than ever before, critical business communications, operations and processes depend on effective transport over a structured network and cable infrastructure. With extensive testing to ensure maximum performance when plugging in your network equipment Infrastructure that is poorly designed, installed, or maintained can hinder productivity and business operation.

Structure Cabling Solutions provided by Network Techlab offer design, installation, maintenance and optimization of cabling systems comprised of copper cable and fiber optic cable, for delivery of voice and data services. Cable infrastructure has the longest lifecycle and lowest cost of any network components. You need always ensure your structured cabling system is done the right way, it’s a circulator system of your most critical business data. We offer a unique and flexible structured cabling solution that is adjustable to frequent relocations, any kind of changes in networking or infrastructure without any workflow disruptions.

Types of Cables

  1. Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

We also offer low voltage cabling fiber optics in single-mode, multi-mode, and laser optimized varieties that complement the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network, delivering future-proof infrastructure. Our fiber optic services include design, engineering, installation, termination, and testing.

  1. Copper Solutions

Shielded and unshielded low voltage cabling copper solutions provide the ultimate performance and reliability for today and tomorrow’s copper infrastructure requirements. Our Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a solutions are designed to “future proof” your environment to the greatest extent possible.

Business Benefits of Structured Cabling for your infra

  • Simplicity

Most businesses use numerous types of devices and equipment together. As such running a single system reduces the complexity of deploying multiple wiring infrastructures. If a problem occurs, it will be much simpler to identify and solve the issue with a structured cabling network with less time and money for the long term.

  • Less system downtime

Unorganized cabling systems with tangled wires often cause connectivity issues in network downtime can cause workflow disruptions. Also, there is a high risk of human error and mistakes being made with multiple, unorganized cabling structures.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

A structured cabling system gives an enhanced level of flexibility helps to improve performance and drive business growth. As it can quickly and easily accommodate moves or addition. It reduces installation time and ensures maximum adaptability to any network infrastructure changes and also makes the system easy to relocate to the new office.

  • Easy to manage

Structure cabling systems cables are neatly in a way that is easy to manage and keep under control. It can easily tell which cable is connected to which location if there is something wrong with the network or connection, it will be easy to find out the problem.

  • Cost Effective

Structured cabling is a cost-effective solution to run a business smoothly. It is highly flexible and scalable that network provides a continuous flow of information and it will boost productivity and drive business success. This cabling system also reduces power and maintenance costs and eliminates the time and money spent on locating and rectifying any issues.

What Types of businesses can use structured cabling?

The structured cabling solutions used in every industry, and not only useful to office buildings but also useful in manufacturing, education and medical. This cabling is built to handle all of the data and it is a must-have system for any growing business

It supports an allocated antenna system and broadcast signal throughout your property. Colleges, schools’ everyday media needs can stream live events with this cabling.  Even emergency services or first responders will benefit from structured cabling solutions for sending crucial data.

It helps you to control and manage energy use in your business location connects all of the systems and even security cameras can send and receive data. It’s these capabilities that make structured cabling such a great option for business owners. It’s versatile, scalable and reliable.


At Network Techlab, We are known for delivering integrated, excellent technology solutions for IT Infrastructure, Datacenter and office automation technologies. Our dedicated team for data center and structure cabling solutions makes a unique blend of technology and architecture design to build automation for your work premise and delivers a reliable and seamless network throughout the premises.

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