Top 10 Remarkable Reasons of Cloud Computing in Education

Top 10 Remarkable Reasons of Cloud Computing in Education

The education industry is ever-evolving.

Back in the day, people used to buy tickets and listen to the words of learned individuals and orators so that they can learn something new. After reading and education became a mandate, people started to understand how they can change their lives with information. Then came the age of the internet where educators and students tried to explore new ways to make education more engaging and accessible.

With the advent of the pandemic, the global scenario in the education sector is witnessing a rapid evolvement, yet again where both students and their preferred educational institutions are adopting new age technology solutions and cloud is one of the important solutions from that.

The reasons for this transformation can be best understood when one pays close attention to the points discussed  below –

Innovation after the Invention of Cloud in Education

Education-oriented cloud computing, even before the pandemic hit the world had a net market worth of $8 billion back in the year 2016 and as per experts associated with the best cloud service provider Mumbai, it will surpass the $25 billion mark by the end of the year 2021 – if not before.

After the rapid adoption of cloud computing in the education sector, education has become more accessible and educational institutions can now stay relevant even as the day and age of e-books and word-document based learning are slowly taking hold.

How cloud technology has reinvented the education sector?

Cloud technology has reinvented the education sector in a myriad of ways and the best way to understand it all is to take a look into some of the benefits of cloud computing for the education sector.

Some of those benefits are stated in the sections below –

1. Robust Virtual Classrooms

In-class learning was, is and always will be the best way to learn about a subject but when one cannot remain in close contact with their classmates or their preferred teacher – no thanks to the pandemic, the only solution remains is to learn about a subject from word documents, e-books and presentations; but these too have their respective limitations.

With cloud solutions for educational institutions, students can participate in virtual classes in order to get rid of the traditional form of learning. In this way, they can not only interact with their teachers in real-time but also with their classmates and friends from the comfort of their homes.

The pandemic made it mandatory for the world to adopt remote learning and the best way to do that is through the help of cloud computing solutions specifically designed for the education sector.

2. Ease and Accessibility

Cloud solutions allow students and teachers to interact with one another remotely. Furthermore, sharing of course materials, participation in group activities, sharing of course-related applications, etc. can be carried out in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, even if the teacher or the student is on opposite sides of the world.

As the pandemic is still raging and when social distancing has become the norm, a cloud solution is the way of the wise for an educational institution to remain relevant and fulfil its duties towards its students.

3. Cost Savings

Educational institutions can reduce their operational expenses the moment they adopt cloud solutions as they would not need to manage servers, UPS units, or spend a boatload of money on keeping their IT infrastructure cool. Furthermore, a school, college or university would not need to employ IT professionals to manage its IT infrastructure as all of the aforementioned costs will be taken care of by their preferred cloud solution provider – it is as simple as that!

4. Data Security

Onsite storage solutions are inefficient as they can be easily breached, damaged or the data could get corrupted due to failed or failing cabling – this is a scenario that can prove disastrous for an educational institution as they rely on data in a bid to ensure the future of its students.

Adoption of cloud storage services by an educational institution can offer it data security as no other traditional storage solution can!


Well, cloud storage solutions are backed by VPNs that keeps data from falling into the hands of hackers. Furthermore, cloud computing solutions for educational institutions are also kept safe thanks to the adoption of the IKEv2 security protocol that is an additional layer of online security. It works by automatically encrypting outgoing data and decrypts the same when the same data packet is being received at the destination.

5. Scalability

Cloud computing scores really high when it comes to its scalability factor especially for educational institutions that adopt it. When a school, college or a university adopts cloud solutions then its ability to scale up or down its respective learning applications, as well as their student experiences, become fast and easy.

This allows an educational institution to handle online traffic loads during classes, exams and even when it is the admission season without breaking a sweat!

6. Agility and Innovation

Cloud computing allows students and teachers to experiment with new learning tools so that a course can be understood in the shortest time frame. Furthermore, cloud solutions are always evolving meaning educational institutions will always have access to solutions for problems that are posing as hurdles in the path to betterment for their students. Hence, if a school, college or university wants to add innovation in its mode of teaching then cloud computing solutions is the way forward.

7. Reach from Wherever

Cloud computing has revolutionised the education industry by allowing a student to connect with their preferred institution or teacher even when both parties are located at different time zones. Cloud computing has made education more accessible thus enabling interested individuals to nurture their passion for learning and reach new career horizons with ease.

8. Minimal Hardware Requirements

Educational institutions have been hit hard with the advent of the pandemic but thanks to cloud-based applications, an educational institution can bounce back and serve the interest of its students without procuring a boatload of hardware. All one needs is a stable internet connection and connected devices such as a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

9. Fastest Management

Cloud computing has always been at the forefront when an organisation wanted to increase the management speed of its infrastructure. Educational institutions too are rapidly adopting cloud technologies as it makes it easier for them to hold examinations, evaluate papers and take classes seamlessly and that too at high speeds.

10. Improved Collaboration at Central Level

Cloud computing enables educational institutions to improve their collaboration abilities with their students and faculty so that courses can be completed on time, irrespective of the world events – an aspect that holds in this present scenario where students and teachers are completing their respective duties from their homes.

What is the best cloud service provider in Mumbai currently?

Network Techlab is the best cloud service provider in Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra. The company has been associated with the IT sector for a long time (25+ years to be exact) and they are one of the pioneers when it comes to offering commendable cloud services that are scalable, easy to establish and integrate.

Furthermore, the cloud solutions offered by NTIPL are managed using the latest cloud technology thereby minimising downtimes.

The company offers the full spectrum of cloud services and that includes –

  • Cloud computing services – NTIPL offers cloud computing services that are ideal solutions for educational institutions that want to access its web servers, storage servers and databases. NTIPL cloud computing services rely on Amazon Web Services – the leaders the cloud technology thus ensuring one will never have to face unnecessary downtimes.
  • Cloud storage services – provided by NTIPL are delivered on-demand and the best part, the specification, as well as pricing, are scalable. It is the perfect solution for educational institutions that do not want to procure or manage their own data storage infrastructure.
  • NTIPL also offers virtual servers that are perfect solutions for educational institutions that want to increase their efficiency but keep the costs low.
  • NTIPL is one of the leading providers of cloud disaster recovery solutions thus keeping an educational institution shielded against the loss of data to disasters or acts of God. NTIPL offers disaster recovery solutions using multiple cloud architectures such as public cloud architecture, private cloud architecture, local storage solutions and more for maximum efficacy.
  • NTIPL also offer domain hosting solutions using Amazon Web Services. AWS is the best way to keep official websites of educational institutions operational in the most efficient manner all the while keeping the costs down.


The advent of could technology has improved the IT sector by many folds. Every aspect of the economy has benefitted from this revolutionary invention in recent times, especially the education sector. In this context, if you are looking for more details regarding this matter then feel free to get in touch with a reputed cloud service provider like Network Techlab. You can visit their office at 41, Sarvodaya Ind. Est., Off., Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093, give them a call at 022 6681 4141 or write to them at

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