Today data backup architecture need re-engineering for fulfil business growing demand

Today data backup architecture need re-engineering for fulfil business growing demand

Data Backup Architecture needs re-engineering to fulfill growing business demands

Today everybody is referring to DATA as the new form of oil, rather Data is not just oil, its CRUDE Oil because Crude oil can extract a fair amount of meaningful result orientated information in various forms from this primary data.

Every industry is moving towards Digitalization these days, hence data is becoming more and more critical, and to protect this data they require the right information from the data in order to make fair decisions. And for this, there are no initiatives using Test /QA, Dev/Ops, Analysis Application and to support this, IT infra must provide a source of data to new initiatives as and when demanded.

Organizations today who are using Traditional Data Protection architecture tend to make multiple copies of primary data and participate in the new initiatives but this method puts an additional cost of infra and is complex to maintain. But this indeed is a business-critical requirement and without any other options, business needs to spend an additional cost.

Production Data Multiple Copy for Various use case like dev, test, Analytics



Let’s assume the tip of an Iceberg as Production Data and rest as multiple data copies created from Backup, Dev/Ops, QA, and Test which are not visible to Infra. These copies are making the Datacentre complex & we cannot keep control of that.

If logical reason we should re-engineer Backup Architecture Modern, the way Virtualization techniques have to change the Server Hardware complexity in Data Center.
Copy Data Management with Cloud Integration is an appropriate method and architecture which will consolidate multiple data copies and these copies can further be used for various application by removing the complexity of Data movement.
Using modern techniques such as architecture, now IT will be able to present data from Backup, whenever any business operation is required for processing the information from various applications.

This is a simple example; we extract Diesel, Petrol and other types of oils from Crude Oil.
In a similar way, we can use the Modern Data Protection Architecture. It will able to provide data from its own repository to new applications using a simple method along with Cloud Integration that will reduce the Data Expansion footprint inside the Data Centre.

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