All-in-one touch-screen you’ll find for greater visuality and digital creation with Surface Studio 2.

All-in-one touch-screen you’ll find for greater visuality and digital creation with Surface Studio 2.


A cutting-edge advanced technological solution is the need of today! After all, it allows global working environment to ensure boost in immediate productivity. The pandemic situation has caused effect to the global working environment, which has made everyone to go work virtually. Thereby the tremendous demand for laptop and virtual workstation has suddenly increased.

Laptops are easy to take, move and set up, while also fitting a smaller workspace, which is great in case any employee needs to move to a smaller work station. This is especially important in an office move, where things can get damaged easily, and employees may have to do remote work during this time period.

In this blog, we can learn and understand more fundamental factor about our premium partner high end Laptop Surface Studio 2 and how it can be beneficial for every step of the Business.

What is Surface Studio 2?

Surface Studio 2 is an exceptionally articulated designed premium 2 in 1 Laptop specifically made to the ultimate usage of the users. It comes with an ardent technology which indicates the value of             qualitative working environment. Comes with multi-benefits & features making it the right choice for your tentative working structure. Whether you are travelling outdoor or working virtually or at office, this Laptop is just made for you. Since it has 2 in 1 flexibility, you can even use it as a Laptop cum tablet for ease of use.


Surface Studio with premium features

  1. Come with storage of 1 TB or 2 TB SSD.
  2. It has LPDDR4 RAM of 16 GB or 32 GB for boosting the productivity.
  3. It has high end processor of Intel core i7.
  4. Excellent crystal clear display of resolution of upto 4500 X 3000.
  5. Windows Hello face authentication camera of 5.0 mega pixel & come with Dolby Atmos speaker for booming sound.
  6. Come with an excellent touch screen pen for easy writing, drawing and navigation on the display.
  7. Build in Windows 10 pro with guaranteed upgrade to Windows 11.



How Surface Studio 2 can be impeccably beneficial to your Business?

  1. It comes with a high resolution screen which has eye care system that easily able to manage to deal with the screen for longer time.
  2. The Surface Studio 2 comes with USB type C port, a universal charger which can easily plug into the socket of Laptop and has fast charging.
  3. Since it’s a 2 in 2 Laptop & Tablet, it is highly flexible for indoor & outdoor usage experience.
  4. Excellent graphics for ease of HD resolution for better photo and video visibility.
  5. Fast processor that clock with Intel core i7 known for smooth working and fast productivity.
  6. Stable machine spare parts with warranty for 1 year.



Where Surface Studio 2 can be used?

Higher productivity is a need of every business hour today. As the time surpasses, the business tend to adopt changes in working environment for expansion and growth. However, such productivity with an aspect of quality can only be met if one has the high end configured Laptop that can facilitate all the segments subsequently.

Sectors such as education, hospital, retail and wholesale, corporate and all the coaching institutes etc. are highly demanding Surface Studio 2 for meeting the increasing rate for organizational production.




At Network Techlab, organizations will get advanced our premium partner Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 solutions that will help them to maintain standard business productivity thereby maintaining the quality. Get in touch with us to know further about our monitor and laptop solutions or other related queries. We’ll help you implement this advanced technology in your organizational requirements. We cooperatively offer 60-day returns on Surface products plus free expert help, digital workshops, and remote learning opportunities. Our associates will provide free personal assistance to help you get the right Surface for your needs.


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