Retailers Adopt IP Audio for A Better Customer Experience

Retailers Adopt IP Audio for A Better Customer Experience

When we go shopping in malls and retail stores, we all are used to hearing advertisements, call-outs, and notifications in stores and malls. Store speakers have been a thoughtful medium of communication for decades. But what about network audio, What are the advantages of adopting Audio and Video together instead of standard speaker systems?  When audio and video are combined, it radically simplifies the way you communicate with in-store audiences.

There are several methods for shops to effectively use audio (and video), but they may be categorized into three main areas that will have a big influence. Audio can help businesses in a variety of ways, including coordinating marketing objectives, easing processes and ensuring compliance with safety and security regulations. Today in our blog post we will be knowing about How Network Audio will help retail stores in enhancing communication and operations.

Assisting staff and consumers with their safety

Security is a crucial aspect because both employees and consumers want to feel safe in and around the store, Although it is common to focus on criminal behavior when discussing safety.

When audio and video are integrated, your customers can rest assured about the safety procedures in place, as well as help limit customer occupancy so that there aren’t too many people in the store at once. When the store’s predetermined maximum number of occupants is achieved, shoppers who seek to enter will get an audio message instructing them to wait.

Retailers can also combine audio solutions with video surveillance when, for example, monitoring areas outside of stores. If people are loitering or huddling after work time, for example, camera analytics can provide alarms to security teams and messages can be played to convince groups or individuals to leave. Pre-recorded messages can also be played in unattended installations. For example, if a pallet was accidentally placed in front of an exit, audio messages could instruct staff to move the pallet to a different location so that the exit remains accessible.  These activities can be used to address suspicious behavior, resulting in reducing incidents, less downtime and a reduction in the security personnel needed on-site, fundamentally saving money and time.

Reduce Shrinkage and Increase Earnings

In addition to ensuring the safety of customers and employees, retailers are also required to reduce the risk of theft. Losses from shoplifting can be significant. When suspicious behavior is spotted by video cameras, audio solutions can help deter theft by playing announcements and alarms. If a customer waits in an area of the store containing high-value items, for example, a message can be played to tell them that a member of staff is on their way to assist them, so preventing stealing. Combining video surveillance and audio surveillance can be quite effective in such scenarios.

 Enhancing store performance and customer satisfaction

The attention that customers receive in stores is strongly tied to the experiences that inspire repeat business.  If the shopkeeper is given the time and opportunity to understand the customer’s needs, the chances of sales getting complete are increased.

By offering background music at the appropriate volume and quality in various zones, network audio systems can create a peaceful and welcome environment that encourages shoppers to browse and stay longer in the shops. Camera analytics can send out triggered alerts to staff, allowing them to attend to customers who may want assistance.

Clients can receive relevant promotions and updates via reliable, high-quality audio, which can help them make purchasing decisions or alert them to unique deals and offers. These can be programmed to play automatically once a customer reaches a certain zone.

Once a consumer has picked an item, there’s still a chance of a lost sale if the final stage of the purchasing process isn’t optimized. Long lines and wait periods can be off-putting to clients, especially if they are pressed for time. Audio can be used in combination with people-counting technology to instruct personnel to attend to the counter, reducing line lengths. Waiting clients can hear messages assuring them that more counters would be open or directing them to alternate self-checkout areas. These problems can be addressed with a simple to use and maintain the integrated audio system, saving time and money.

As customer and market expectations change, retailers will have to adapt. Shops must-have technology in place that allows them to use network audio to improve capabilities, security and the in-store experience in order to do so. Retailers may easily connect to other systems by employing a system that links to a standard network and is built on open standards, giving them the flexibility and scalability, they need.

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