Facilitate Your Guests with Easy to Manage, Visitor Management System

Facilitate Your Guests with Easy to Manage, Visitor Management System


A visitor control tool or functions that act as a gatekeeper and ensures that only authorized guest is admitted within premises. Visitor Management System can help you clearly identify your guests with certain identity given to them  and fundamentally help your organization to restrict unauthorized visitors to enter in your premises.

Today looking at the COVID19 situations visitor management system can assist in tracking who was onsite and when they were in the office. This gives your workers and visitors the assurance that your office is attempting to reduce the danger of COVID exposure.


Here are some essential visitor management solution features you should have look at :

The majority of visitor management solutions in  the market today come with a wide range of functions. In this blog post today, we will cover some important features of an good visitor management system.

Pre-Book Visitors : The pre-booking tool allows visitors and guests to preregister their participation prior to coming, effectively reducing check-in time from 1-2 minutes to a few seconds for organizations who routinely organize events and conferences on-site. Visitor Management solutions can be configured to request unique reference numbers as the final stage of the check-in process, making the check-in procedure even simpler.

Customize Check-In Workflows : When GDPR was implemented, data collection procedures were altered in order to increase the relevance of  information requests. This shift in strategy proved to be time and resource intensive for traditional Visitor Management techniques. For front-of-house staff balancing new processes with    pre-existing role needs, the costs involved with developing, printing, organizing and storing collected  third- party data in folders on-site can be hard. As a result, the majority of modern Visitor Management solutions are designed to provide customized check-in routines for various visitor kinds, such as guests, interviewees and couriers. When a courier comes on-site, for example, they might be asked to submit their company name, complete name, delivery reference, contact information and sign any applicable NDAs as part of the check-in procedure. To complete their check-in sequence, a person arriving for an interview may be asked to share details about the position they are applying for, enter a host name, and take a photo.

Signing Digital Forms : In addition to the changes in data collection brought about by GDPR, the new European legislation has had a significant impact on how European organizations protect their data and establish  data-breach prevention procedures. Traditional visitor recording and file storage methods for  front-of-house have been digitally advanced and used by large businesses as data-breach mitigation solutions. Visitors must sign NDAs, legal documents, and other forms before being granted site access, which have been integrated into check-in routines. Organizations who seek to improve data security and decrease manual labor in the check-in process will most likely employ this functionality.

Customize Visitor Badges : Badge printing is the final step in a Visitor Management solution’s check-in process. Customized ID badges may be generated in seconds as part of a modern Visitor Management solution, regardless of whether a visitor pre-registers or completes the check-in on arrival. ID badges can be scanned at control points to gain access to zones that have been set to provide authorization in some circumstances where Access Control integration’s have been created.

Notify Hosts Instantly : Regardless of the visitor’s destination, a good Visitor Management solution ensures that hosts are notified of their presence. When a guest completes their check-in process using a Visitor Management solution, automated alerts are delivered to hosts in the form of SMS, Email or Push Notifications., Once notified, hosts can either send communication messages to the Visitor Management solution to notify awaiting visitors of the delay, or they can proceed to reception to collect visitors. This feature can be utilize to reduce the time visitors spend waiting at reception by developing direct communication channels between hosts and visitors, as well as improve overall visitor first impressions with a user-focused, self-service check-in procedure.

Design User-Friendly Experiences : While simple Visitor Management solutions enable quick check-in, superior Visitor Management solutions provide more complicated system features without sacrificing the User Interface (UI). When evaluating the brand-enhancing advantages of an unique first impression for visitors, incorporating company logos and color schemes into the front-end of a Visitor Management solution can speak loudly. Work flows should also provide easy, fast and efficient User Experiences (UX) as the first point of contact for new arrivals on site. This can be accomplished by incorporating several language options for different solution deployment sites, catering to visitors of all countries.

Visitor Management System benefits organization with of a value-added visitor management system

Professional First Impressions : “You only have one chance to make a good first impression.” This is especially  true for businesses that pride themselves on providing exceptional and one-of-a-kind experiences. Regardless of a company’s size, their approach to visitor management demonstrates a commitment to providing a favorable on-site experience.

Modernized Reception : A typical guest log and a Visitor Management solution are two very different things. A  Visitor Management solution is not only more professional and aesthetically beautiful, but it is also exponentially more productive and efficient with continual future-proof development.

Embracing Paperless : Modern Visitor Management solutions minimize the need for paper by storing, filing, and retrieving visitor information in the back-office of the solution. Receptionists or administrators can simply look for the guest’s name or reference number and make the requested modifications if a third-party wish to have their data erased or made anonymous after their site visit.

Reduced Waiting Times : Organizations can successfully reduce visitor wait times by using host notifications. For both hosts and visitors, instant alerts are one of the most valuable elements of a modern Visitor Management solution. Hosts can keep updated and communicate more effectively with rich media communications choices such as SMS, email, Slack, and Skype.

Increased Security : Setting can be defined inside the solutions back-office to ensure only authorized staff are permitted access to visitor data, limiting data breach possibilities to only a select few, trusted individuals, ensuring critical third-party information is safely maintained and remains confidential.

Increased Office Efficiency : Many visitor management systems can generate and customize unique experiences.  Check-in times can be shortened by empowering visitors and other guests to register, create badges, sign compliance paperwork, and inform hosts without requiring assistance. Pre-registration forms can be issued to third-parties prior to a scheduled meeting if an organization wants to expedite their check-in procedure even more. When the visitor arrives on site after completing the pre-registration form, they can enter their name or assigned reference number to notify their host of their arrival. This function can be extremely useful for events, conferences, and large meetings, as it allows organization to handle large numbers of guests in a thorough and effective manner.


Your workplace will be safer and your team will save time with a visitor management system. See who’s coming,  when they’re coming, and why. Know right away if a visitor doesn’t fit your entry requirements, and encourage a healthy work environment. Show guests that you care about their experience from the moment that they’re invited to visit. In case you are also looking for a reliable provider of Visitor Management Solutions then consult Network Techlab. The Mumbai-based firm has been excelling in this sector among others for the better part of 25+ years. Connect with us via call +91-8879004536/ and email at or visit our corporate office at 41, Sarvodaya Ind. Est., Off. Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093




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