IT INFRASTRUCTURE is ideal for staffing companies, software developers, corporate and software training seminars, equipping temporary employees for seasonal projects, growing businesses, trade shows, audits, taxes & budgets.

NTIPL provides enterprise quality IT equipment rentals to many corporations nationwide. These companies view this equipment and service as a valuable tool.

By leasing IT equipment from NTIP, companies conserve cash flow, eliminate maintenance, reduce the high cost of software packages, avoid technological obsolescence and fully deduct the expense monthly with no impact on the balance sheet. Many contracting and staffing companies even charge back the rental costs to their end customers.

How IT INFRASTRUCTURE Can Help Your Business:
Whether you need a laptop rental, desktop rental, server rental or a computer projector rental, your company will have the latest computer equipment with low monthly payments.

With NTIPL’s Rapid Swap & Repair Service, we will minimize your company’s downtime.

You can return unneeded computer equipment as you complete projects, eliminating the need for storing excess unused computer equipment and increased overhead.

Keep up with the latest in hardware with NTIPL’s System Upgrades. Advances in operating systems and application software put a strain on once powerful computers and laptops. Performance (and efficiency) decreases as larger and more complex programs are loaded. NTIPL frequently upgrades its systems with the latest software and offers increased RAM and SSD or larger hard drive sizes.

There is no need to manage your computer hardware inventory internally; NTIPL tracks your entire computer rental inventory for you. We customize reports that will track rentals by the user, PO number, contract date and project to simplify cost assignment. We can also customize invoicing to provide the approver and accounting a simple, easy to read, all-inclusive format.

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses are affected massively worldwide. Having said that it is a global crisis being very uncertain in nature, we don’t really have an idea as to how long this will last.

During this Pandemic, we have taken precautionary measures by lockdown our office and branches and encouraging our employees to work from home. Thus, our IVR Support No. may not be reachable or you may face some difficulties to create or log a support ticket.

To shield this lockdown situation and help you with the best of support, we have set up the Service Desk Support Continuity Team, to assist you to resolve your queries and concerns.

Please stay safe and feel free to reach out to us for any technical requirements.


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