Experience ultra-level “thinnovation” of world’s thinnest notebook – MacBook Air

Experience ultra-level “thinnovation” of world’s thinnest notebook – MacBook Air

Apple has introduced many apple products since ages, and still in the 21st century, there has been a tremendous growth in the arc of their extraordinary innovations. In this blog, we are here going to talk more about a series of Notebook that has made world “go crazy” with its intrinsic specifications.

Introduced in 2008, MacBook Air is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops by Apple and one of its most selling products besides the iPhone. It is also the most environmentally friendly MacBook because it is created from 100% recycled Aluminium. And as we know, a product or a solution which is built in concern of environment, always mark at the top of every individual choices no matter what the demand can go extend for, but everybody will seek for such a beautiful creation.


MacBook Air – A revolutionary power packed device of the decade 

Introducing in a general term, the MacBook Air is a series of notebook computers/laptop developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. Which consists of a full-size keyboard, a machined aluminium case, sleek design, high end processor with great compatibility that amplifies lavishing experience to any individual. The Air was originally positioned above the previous MacBook line as a premium ultraportable.

Being a premium partner with Apple Inc. for driving over various products of them, Network Techlab is extensively working upon to get the best solution available for you. Managing, planning and deploying products that cater to largest extent of sector, we are consistently working on to make the solutions ease at your door step.


Indulge in the beauty of MacBook Air and get benefited in multiple ways:

  1. Comes with a great battery life for durable use of work.
  2. As the name indicates, it is indeed a thinner notebook easy to use and light in weight.
  3. Resolution of 2560X1600 with 4 million pixels which leads to a very sharp display.
  4. Comes with compatible size – 11 inches and 13 inches respectively,
  5. It has a great expandable storage of – 128 GB.
  6. Facilitate quicker file transfer.
  7. Comes with Apple applications that are known for extensive usage.
  8. Re-designed with M1, and a recent processor M2 chip.
  9. An excellent model which is a combination of art, technology and innovation.


MacBook Air is everywhere in the “AIR”


We as a human, believes in extreme research and development in the technology world. Everything has to be re-defined, design, built that can serve us with greater concepts. Talking in a generic way, every product or solution we need, it has to go with good quality and durable to use with excellent build quality and high end processor system.

Thus, consistently approach and proactively been working, Network Techlab is serving the MacBook Air to a larger extent area – from Business to Corporates, from Education to Hospital, from Media to Advertisement, from sports to auditorium, everywhere the demand for this beautiful creation is increasing. And that’s why we are here to serve all the sectors by extending with our services across pan India centres with best uptime support.

MacBook Air is exclusively available with us on sale as well as on rental basis, may you have the requirement for one day to one year or so, we make ease of solution available to you that up to with greater pricing, discounts and additional facilities.


Still not sure? Have concern or queries about MacBook Air? Please dial or mail on the contacts below and talk to our experts today!!


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