Quality. Reliable. Intelligent PDUs

Quality. Reliable. Intelligent PDUs

Intelligent rack PDUs boost your data center’s IQ

Data Center infrastructure management (DCIM) without smart infrastructure is like having a brain with no central nervous system. It’s one thing to have extraordinary computational power. It’s another to have the means to transmit granular information from the fingers and toes (aka, individual racks and servers) of the data center to the central intelligence console. Power distribution management exemplifies this perfectly. Without the ability to collect real-time data from your power distribution units (PDUs), you’re limited in what you can actually analyze. And how can you make good decisions when you lack access to the right information?

Conversely, intelligent PDUs’ abilities to collect real-time power and environmental data, present data center managers with the operational information they need to make smart decisions that optimize infrastructure durability and efficiency.

The core benefit enabled through intelligent PDUs is a real-time view of kW, current, amperage, voltage, power factor, etc. Metered and monitored PDUs connected via LAN transmit all this information to a web-accessible interface where it undergoes review and analysis. From here, managers can glean a more comprehensive understanding of their power infrastructure – what are its limitations? When are the peak hours? Which servers are energy hogs?

This information can be used in several ways, the most important of which is to stave off disruptions that may induce downtime. Facility managers can configure alarms to automatically notify them the second a safe threshold is exceeded. For example, if power draw of a specific server appears to be increasing at an unusual or alarming pace, they can take the necessary action to prevent tripping a breaker and causing unplanned downtime. With remote switching, this could mean powering down that piece of equipment from a web interface without having to go on-site to perform maintenance. How’s that for smart?

And it’s not just power conditions that can induce downtime. Temperature, humidity and airflow also need to be monitored at the rack level, especially in high-density data centers. To maximize space utilization in already cluttered cabinets, best-in-class PDUs have multiple intelligence ports. You can use one of these ports to collect temperature and humidity data, saving space that would otherwise be utilized by a monitoring installation (however small those sensors may be) while improving rack environmental monitoring.

Our Intelligent Rack PDUs will ensure your edge infrastructure is powered reliably and efficiently from the beginning.


Enhance business agility, efficiency and availability with our Intelligent Rack PDU

  • Configurations include switched, monitored and basic rack PDUs.
  • 60°C working ambient variants for high-temperature environments.
  • Compact size to install in tight spaces.
  • Color-coded U-Lock receptacles to secure power cords and avoid accidental disconnections.
  • Increased efficiency, reduced energy costs. Monitor and manage critical power data in your facility.
  • Expert support and service with the Distribution Assurance Package.


The above blog is referred from GEIST-Vertiv.

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