Protect Your IT Infra with UPS Systems

Protect Your IT Infra with UPS Systems

Why do businesses need a UPS?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, or UPS systems, are an essential part of any business or organization that relies on computers or other heavy electrical equipment. Without a UPS system in place, even a momentary power outage or power surge can cause data loss, equipment damage, and downtime, all of which can prove to be costly and disruptive to any business or enterprise.

UPS systems work by providing a backup power supply in the event of a power outage. They can keep equipment running for a few minutes or hours, depending on the size of the unit and the amount of power it can provide. This gives businesses time to safely shut down equipment and avoid data loss or damage.

Vertiv is an industry leader when it comes to UPS and inverters and delivers highly durable UPS systems and they are available in a variety of scales and configurations to suit different needs. For example, small UPS systems are ideal for offices and small businesses, while larger units are more suitable for data centers and other mission-critical applications.

Sectors that can use Vertiv’s UPS and inverters

UPS systems can be beneficial for a multitude of businesses and enterprises. May it be health care or IT, a UPS system can be an integral part of business infrastructure based in any sector. Banking, automation and manufacturing, laboratories, data centers, control, and HUB rooms are some of the other sectors that could benefit from having a UPS system installed in their facility.

Having a Vertiv UPS system is the best and most cost-effective way to save costly equipment from heavy voltage fluctuations and power surges. Almost all major businesses and enterprises are recommended to have a UPS set in place, to prevent any loss of crucial information or data, as well as to safeguard expensive electrical equipment.

What are the benefits of Vertiv’s UPS systems?

Vertiv’s power UPS systems offer several benefits for businesses, including improved security, increased efficiency, and lower operating costs.

  1. Improved security: A UPS system provides a reliable power source for critical equipment and systems, ensuring that they remain operational in the event of a power outage or other disruption. This can be especially important for businesses that rely on data storage and processing, as well as for those that need to maintain communication with customers and other stakeholders.
  2. Increased efficiency: A UPS system can help businesses avoid downtime by keeping equipment and systems running during power outages and other disruptions. This can help businesses maintain productivity and avoid lost revenue.
  3. Lower operating costs: A UPS system can help businesses save money on their energy bills by reducing the need for backup generators and other costly power generation options. Additionally, UPS systems can prolong the life of equipment by protecting it from power surges and other electrical problems that could be easily avoided.

Why buy when you can rent?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider renting a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) instead of buying one. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Cost – UPS units can be very expensive, so renting can be a more cost-effective option.
  2. Flexibility – When you rent, you can choose the size and type of UPS that best meets your needs. This flexibility can be especially helpful if your power requirements change over time.
  3. Maintenance – When you rent a UPS, the provider is responsible for maintaining and servicing the unit from time to time. This can save you a boatload of time and money on upkeep.
  4. Convenience – Renting can be more convenient than buying, especially if you only need a UPS for a short period. Hence at Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd, we rent out Vertiv UPS systems for very flexible time frames to cater to your requirements.

NTIPL and Vertiv deliver quality UPS systems

At Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd, we deliver end-to-end technological solutions, products, and services and are proud to announce that we have partnered with industry-leading UPS manufacturer Vertiv to bring you a wide range of UPS systems and inverters to keep your technological systems up and running all year round. If you’re considering a UPS system for your business or enterprise, renting it from Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd would be the best possible option.

If you have any query regarding UPS systems and inverters or any of NTIPL’s services, feel free to connect with us at Email: Contact: 8879004536 

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