Print Monitoring Solution – Delivering Real Business Results

Print Monitoring Solution – Delivering Real Business Results

Printing is a critical part of any company’s IT services, and almost each and every employee is directly impacted by the efficiency and quality of printing. Paper jams and toner outages are responsible for a frustratingly incalculable loss of productivity. Smudgy, grainy and unclear printouts can confuse recipients and defeat the very purpose of print documentation. Print monitoring solution ensures you superlative printing while enjoying significant cost savings and reducing the load on the IT helpdesk. Like all IT related things -new technologies, more capable hardware and productivity-boosting software are being continuously developed. Print monitoring solution eliminates many aspects like Productivity loss due to sub-optimal use of built-in features, time lost in sourcing and evaluating software utilities and vendors who try to oversell their expensive hardware – and make them myths of the past. With solutions under the umbrella of Print monitoring solution, your company will have easy access to the latest advances in printing technology. Lord Kelvin famously said that: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” Hence, in cost control, it is very important to measure and track printing in an organization.
Print Monitoring solution precisely facilitates :
1- Timing restrictions
2- The levying of printing quotas across individuals, teams and departments
3- It triggers pop-ups when quotas are close to finishing
4- It triggers alarms when toner levels drop below predefined limits
5- It generates detailed consumption reports across defined parameters
6- Helps to measure and monitor all printing activities.
Apart from its utility as a monitoring tool, Print Monitoring Solution is a deterrent to careless and unofficial printing. There is a one time cost with Print Monitoring Solution, but accrued savings pay it off in a high volume scenario. It understands your printing needs and combines the right people, the right technology and the right processes in a flexible way that helps you to be more productive and profitable. NTIPL`s expert team & partnership with worlds leader in printer and copier company i.e., Canon gives complete hassle-free printing services to your business at optimum minimum cost.

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