Now Ensure Proper Environmental Conditions Inside Critical Technological Rooms!

Now Ensure Proper Environmental Conditions Inside Critical Technological Rooms!

Small Room Cooling Solutions

Efficiency, Compactness, Flexibility, 24×7 Operations

Cooling solutions for IT equipments are from small Network Closets to Enterprise Data Centres. Today smaller server room environments are dealing with the growing needs for server rack densities. At one point in time, building HVAC systems were sufficient enough to handle the cooling requirements of these smaller computer rooms. The question is, How much cooling is really needed?

Simple cooling calculators are a quick and simple tool, however, don’t tell the full story. Each server room is unique and requires a different approach.

Liebert® SRC is Designed for High air quantity to match equipment Sensible Load application. It is coupled with high energy efficient components and advanced control system which helps in maximum energy efficiency and guarantees proper environmental conditions inside Critical Technological rooms. It is compact in size and being wall mounted type split AC, it does not require any floor space too. Liebert® SRC is preconfigured for 24×7 operation with metallic body construction, inbuilt sequencing and monitoring features which makes a fully featured Product to cater critical technology room cooling needs.

First In Industry With Premimum Technology

First In Industry With Premium Technology

Industry’s Most Advanced Controller

Industry’s Most Advanced Controller


Fully Featured Product

Fully Featured Product

Maximizing Site Reliability

Maximizing Site Reliability


Less Risk Industry leading energy efficiency Fast, Simple installation, reliable
Year-round cooling Highest industry NSEER ratings Less expensive and faster to deploy, compared to a ducted system
Real-time remote monitoring
and alarming
High efficient EC fan and
Backed by Proven Service and
Easy to service and maintain
Trouble Free operation even at
High ambient

Key Features

Temperature Control Metallic Body High Ambient
EC Fan Energy efficiency >90% SHR
Green Refrigerant 24 x 7 Operation Backed by Proven Service and
Free Cooling for Optimizing Load Sharing
High SHR Remote Monitoring


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