Mobility and IoT causing IT headaches? Connect and protect.

Mobility and IoT causing IT headaches? Connect and protect.

Today’s GenMobile workforce has completely diluted the notion of a fixed perimeter – it doesn’t exist where users connect and work from anywhere. To protect the enterprise and its resources in the digital workplace, IT must consider security that starts from the inside out.
IT must adapt to the way today’s users work – starting from inside the perimeter. By leveraging known, contextual data that it can trust – a person’s role inside an organization, the devices and apps they use, and their location – to create policies that fortify network security and adapt to mobility needs. Aruba 360 solves some critical network access security challenges:

  • Policies that adapt to how we work – the use of contextual data ensures that all users and devices are assessed before they connect and access enterprise network resources. Enforcement is centrally managed whether a user connects via wireless, wired or VPN.
  • Compliance before and during access – all devices must meet security and posture guidelines before connecting and during. Devices not in compliance are denied access or required to remediate.
  • Secure workflows – users onboard their own devices through an access management system that ensures only authorized users can initiate a workflow. Integration with third-party systems extends access security to MDM/EMM, firewall and IDS/IPS systems.

Aruba Networks securely connects tech-savvy users who rely on mobile devices for every aspect of work and personal communication. Our security model adapts to by leveraging rich contextual data from the network and third-party security systems for a stronger, well-coordinated defense.
Only Aruba ClearPass leverages an ecosystem, internal, and third-party solutions to globally control and enforce access policies based on roles, devices, and other contextual attributes on any multivendor network. This approach ensures that IT can deliver new services via self-service workflows and provide an excellent user experience while preventing insider data leakage, malware threats and other high-level vulnerabilities.

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