Manage Your Business Information With Therefore™

Manage Your Business Information With Therefore™

Therefore™ enables you to store, process and analyze your business information efficiently, economically and securely.

In today’s competitive business environment, businesses need to maintain efficient information management. An innovative information management system – Therefore is created precisely for businesses to manage all types of information. We Network Techlab provides an efficient and smart solution for Scanning Solution that lets you accelerate your productivity with the heaviest workloads.

Here comes an innovative idea for presenting Scanning Solution which makes the user’s life easier and the name for the device is Therefore™ Document Management Solution which stores paper or electronic documents, Therefore™ enables users to save, organize, share, and access all content and other vital business information instantly. Therefore™ has gone through vigorous QA testing to ensure that our product remains reliable throughout its use.


  1. You can access your information instantly.
  2. Therefore, its intuitive interface, workflow designer, seamless integration, and powerful search engine lets you capture, store,
    and access information easily, ensuring your business operates with more efficiency than ever before.
  3. React to your client’s needs quickly with Therefore™. Keeping your documents organized and accessible, any information you
    need on Therefore™ can be retrieved easily. Embed a portal on your website, and your clients can even upload and access their
    documents ensuring a more reactive relationship between them and your business.
  4. Keep track of your workflow, and ensure your business processes remain legally compliant with Therefore™. This is made possible
    by letting you track your actions and processes with audit trail and workflow histories, as well as generating reports of data and
    processes with business analytics tools.
  5. Keep all your important documents safe with secured logins, file permissions, scheduled automatic backups, as well as document
    signatures that detect document tampering and validity.
  6. Therefore™ can be accessed anywhere using its web client or mobile app. Files can also be edited offline if without the Internet and
    synced later when backed online. Easy to upgrade and expand, Therefore™ lets you grow your ECM solution alongside your business.
  7. Therefore™ allows users to directly integrate into their existing SAP NetWeaver® system. This, in turn, designates it as the central
    repository of critical business information, while giving you a live view of entire document workflows throughout the organization.
    This thus allows users to easily share and access stored organizational information.


  1. Server/Database/Storage – Support Windows Server 32/64-bit, Support for Multiple Servers, DAS, NAS, San, and Local RAID,
    Net App Snaplock
  2. Scan Formats TIFF, PDF, PDF/A
  3. Integration with External Databases
  4. Support 3rd Party Applications using Universal Connector
  5. Support eCopy PDF Pro Office
  6. E-Mail Archiving, Microsoft Outlook
  7. Support Windows Explorer
  8. Therefore Capture Client (Barcode/OCR)
  9. Productivity Tools – Business Analytics, Therefore Workflow, GUI Drag & Drop Workflow Designer
  10. Therefore Clients – Navigator, Viewer, and Case Manager, Web Access (Web Navigator & Viewer), Gadget (Web and Installed),
    Mobile App (Tablet, Phone)

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