Make your end order execution more classified & simplified with intrinsic Point of Sale solutions..

Make your end order execution more classified & simplified with intrinsic Point of Sale solutions..


Sometime you may have noticed a system placed at the time of goods transaction, where Cashier make some entries, put all the products into database & scan the product proactively, & thus finally ask you to make the payment that you purchase, that sytem which is used is known as Point of Sale, as you exit from the store to make the transaction successful by making the payment subsequently.

Especially in this today tentative Business prospects, often the crowd is increasing at numbers, hence to make the end transaction happen proficiently, you need an excellent system to make the work done smoother without any demerits. There are many benefits of purchasing a POS system, notably making it easier to manage your retail business. A POS system can significantly simplify daily business tasks and in some cases can even be revenue-generating. So lets get to know about more POS system & how it can useful for your Business & Organization.

What is Point of Sale system?

A POS (Point of Sale) system is the combination of software and hardware to facilitate your business operations. A POS consists of software and hardware to run the software. Hardware may include a computer, a physical terminal, a scanner, a printer, and other devices to operate the point-of-sale software. The software tracks and organizes your store’s information.

It’s good to understand what a POS system is, but it’s more important to know the benefits it can bring to your business. There are several advantages to buying a POS system. Here are some below reasons why it would be beneficial to implement a POS system in your store if you own a retail business.

NTIPL offers excellent POS features are as follows..

  1. It facilitate smooth transaction.
  2. Has monitoring & reporting function.
  3. Can manage inventory & stock.
  4. Cross channel returns management.
  5. Employee management.
  6. Loyalty programs & gift cards
  7. Ubiquity in nature.
  8. Invoicing methods.

10 reasons that indicate POS is must required in your Business..

  1. Better experience to customer.
  2. Simplification of process.
  3. Quick payment method.
  4. 24/7 access of data.
  5. Can identify inventory management.
  6. Time saving.
  7. Technical & Technological support.
  8. Facilitate update on time.
  9. Cost effective compare to high end systems.
  10. Helps to maintain brand image of the Business.

POS Application in multiple sectors..

Point of Sale system are significantly used in retail sector & departmental stores where transactions can be carry out easily at the time of billing of products. Often POS can be seen in Malls, Dmart, Outlets, Bars & restaurants, Hotels & airports.

Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems, and one of the most intact reason is that a POS system is full fledged platform for making the transaction effectively. Selling prices are linked to the product code of an item when adding stock, so the cashier barely needs to scan this code to process a sale. If there is a price change, this can also be easily done through the inventory window. Other advantages include the ability to implement various types of discounts, a loyalty scheme for customers, and more efficient stock control, and these features are typical of almost all modern ePOS systems.


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