Is your Precision Air Conditioning a reliable source?

Is your Precision Air Conditioning a reliable source?

Before we dive straight into the topic, it would be great if you familiarize yourself with what exactly Precision Cooling is.

In simple terms, it is a cooling process that is specifically designed to meet the cooling needs of the room hat house robust IT and Telecommunication equipment. IT equipment doesn’t function all too well in high temperatures and in an environment that has an excess of particulate matter.

A Precision Cooling system is known for its supercooling capabilities along with its ability to control particulate matter entering a room. On top of that, in case one needs to keep their IT equipment off from excess humidity, a precision cooling system has the function to control the humidity levels of a room efficiently.

Importance of Precision Cooling

The world has made consistent progress in Technology and Communication since humans first sent its first artificial satellite SPUTNIK 1. India too has been consistently revamping its infrastructure by housing more powerful Communication and Network access machinery.

Now, it is evident that a powerful piece of equipment will definitely generate a lot of heat and to keep its circuits from frying up, it would need sufficient cooling. Cooling electronic equipment is not similar to cooling off a room full of people. People sweat when they feel hot and thus fill up a confined space with moisture. A typical HVAC has a simple motive of removing that accumulated humidity from the ambiance of the room.

A room filled with electronic equipment would need a Precision Air Cooling system that is different from a typical HVAC unit. It will not focus on removing the latent heat and moisture from a room. It will simply bring down the temperature of the room with the use of proper ventilation, and the introduction of cold air, in a consistent manner thus prolonging the life of critical IT and communication equipment.

How to choose the right precision cooling solution?

The IT sector in India has seen tremendous growth over the years. If you own an IT company, chances are high that you would have data centers in your firm. IT equipment is expensive and powerful.

Powerful machines are bound to generate a lot of heat. On top of that, these devices are sensitive to humidity which means installing run-of-the-mill HVAC systems just won’t cut it. You would need to go for dedicated Precision Air Cooling solutions.

The market is filled with several manufacturers that are associated with the fabrication of Precision Cooling solutions. This means choosing one brand would be a bit confusing but if you know what you are looking for, you would make the right choice.

When you are searching for a cooling system for your electronics, it is best to go for a brand that offers Precision Cooling systems that are capable of sensible cooling minus latent capability. Electronic equipment’s do not need cooling systems that are more focused on taking out moisture from a room.


It is best to keep in mind that you would need to invest in a Precision Cooling system with a cooling capacity that is suitable for the equipment and the size of the room. Never leave your expensive equipment to chance by investing in simple ventilation techniques. A dedicated cooling solution is the way of the wise.

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