Inventing Paperless office with Digitization Solution

Inventing Paperless office with Digitization Solution

A paperless office is the need of the hour and the reason is simple – it is one of the easiest ways to reduce the dependence on paper. Secondly, it also makes a company become prepared against loss of crucial documents due to accidents or natural calamities.

How a company can achieve its paperless goals?

Well, the owner of a business can always take help from a well-known scanner solutions provider in Mumbai or in any other major metro city in India. One can also take assistance from companies that offer document management system services.

What is Document Management System?

Document Management System or DMS for short is a modern computer technology that is an umbrella term for all the services and systems that allows a business to go paperless by –

  • Receiving
  • Tracking
  • Managing and
  • Storing business-critical documents electronically.

How DMS can help your business?

There are lots of benefits of using DMS solutions in your business. Some of the most appealing ones are mentioned in the sections below –

Capture and utilize paper and electronic information

When a business avails the services of a photocopier solutions provider in Mumbai then the venture can scan and recognize paper documents in large batches and store the same in a cloud based database using indexing methods that use barcodes or Zonal OCR recognition instead of serial numbers.

Access your Data anytime, anywhere

DMS solutions allows you to access your business-critical files safely using your mobile device from anywhere in the world. This makes workflow more efficient and your place of business clutter-free.

Secure data within a central, digital repository

All documents will come with electronic signatures and these signatures will be verified every time the document is opened, saved, edited or retrieved. This allows the actions taken on the file to remain authentic and authorised.

Automate and optimize core business processes

Using DMS solutions like Therefore™ allows you to automate and optimize core business processes by stepping away from traditional paper-based documents. It also allows your company to become more efficient and your workforce more productive.

Manage Information as a strategic asset

Managing and Analysing information at a one glace will help you to see and read the data from strategic perspective. Collected data together becomes central repository for you and thus you can make the strategic decisions by making good use of this data. Reading trendlines and charts helps you to make this decision faster.  Analyse and react to key performance indicators

With DMS solutions by your side, your company will have access to key performance indicators such as invoice processing time, sales reports, etc. that will allow you to make sure your workforce is performing in the most productive manner practically possible.

How SpeciVim and Therefore DMS help you to adopt best practices while enabling a paperless office environment?

SpeciVim and Therefore DMS can help you with all your document scanning requirements such as –

  • With Central Information File (CIF) feature that comes with Therefore, you will be able to assign advanced client customization notations to your documents that will allow you to keep tabs on the number of times a document has been accessed, edited or retrieved.
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) feature allows you to remain clear about client transactions. This can be done by easily inserting client information such as contracts.
  • Client Relationship Management – feature allows your business to keep records of every time a contact has been made with a specific client by storing information about emails, attached documents, visit reports, etc. specific to a client.
  • Transaction check (HITs) module allows you to keep tabs or update information regarding the client opening process, storing client documentation such as passport, Form A, client opening form, signatures, pledge agreement, etc.
  • Client documents management is yet another feature of Therefore that allows you to seamlessly access, organise or capture business-critical information or client documents.
  • Holdmail is an amazing feature of Therefore that allows you to know whether or not a mail sent to a client is being opened by the client or not.
  • Go paperless easily – Therefore is an efficient document automation solution that can help a business or a brand to go paperless in no time. Both paper-based and electronic documents such as emails, spool files, images and even videos can be safely stored processed or shared in a user-friendly manner.

How NTIPL can help with document management requirements?

NTIPL has collaborated with Canon – the world leader in imaging technologies. This allowed the company to have access to an intelligent document solution known as Therefore.

Therefore is a scalable document management solution meant for –

  • Electronic storage of business-related documents such as word documents, emails, PDFs and spreadsheets.
  • Quick retrieval of files or an entire library of files from a centralised database using a keyword or key phrase.
  • Imposing document access restrictions.
  • Real-time monitoring of file access as well as identifying the person who viewed the file along with their location.
  • It can also be used to track edits on files that are stored in the database.
  • It can also be used to retrieve the previous versions of already edited files in no time.
  • It can also be used to regulate when an old document can be erased.
  • Therefore DMS solution can also be used to access, edit and share documents via mobile devices.


For more details, regarding document scanning services in Mumbai, you can get in touch with Network Techlab India by giving them a call at +91-8879004536 or by sending an email at

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