How You Can Save Your Company’s CAPEX by Renting IT Infrastructure?

How You Can Save Your Company’s CAPEX by Renting IT Infrastructure?

In the IT sector, both hardware and software evolve at a rapid pace which renders even the latest technologies obsolete.

Furthermore, IT equipment needs periodic preventative maintenance which itself is a resource-intensive process as it requires human effort. On top of this, this rapid evolvement of IT equipment quickly becomes a financially draining aspect for businesses of all sizes and categories – one of the many reasons why business owners are renting IT infrastructure like a workstation on rent in Mumbai, as it is not only a logical approach but at the same time, it is also the best solution to reduce a company’s CAPEX and OPEX.

What are CAPEX and OPEX?

CAPEX stands for Capital Expenditures and it is an umbrella term for all the major expenses a business company makes in order to procure hardware or software that it plans on using for a long time.

OPEX stands for Operating Expenses (OPEX) and it is an umbrella term for the daily expenses a company has to bear to keep it operational.

Buying IT equipment is a CAPEX disaster that can be mitigated with IT equipment rentals.

As per the opinions of spokespersons associated with the leading IT infrastructure solution providers in Mumbai, this is a period where technology is advancing at a rapid pace which is why the IT equipment every small scale and large-scale business relies on is advancing as well.

This means, if a company chooses to invest a chunk of its money and procure the latest IT equipment today, chances are high that the same will become obsolete in the near future. Sure the investments made while procuring IT equipment was done in order to increase the efficiency of the business from the core level but the purpose is defeated down the road. This is the reason why to keep losses from outdated equipment at bay; business owners need to rent IT equipment like Apple iMac & MacBook on rent in Mumbai, instead of buying them.

Why businesses are changing their IT requirements from Capex to Opex?

There are countless reasons and some of them are as follows –

It allows a business to become agile

By ensuring that a business is moving from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, a firm can become more agile.


Well, when you are renting IT equipment like MacBook Pro on rent in Mumbai from a revered solutions provider, you can upgrade your rented IT equipment quickly. Furthermore, you can also scale up or scale down the configuration of all your IT equipment in a matter of hours or even a day!

On top of this, scaling up or scaling down the configuration of all the rented IT equipment at your place of business will not empty your bank accounts as it is a relatively cheaper solution than maintaining your own IT equipment.

It is as simple as that!

It allows them to reallocate resources to pressing matters

By renting IT equipment such as tablet on rent in Mumbai, a business can shift its equipment procurement, maintenance and repair cost to a third party.

How can this help a business?

Well, by shifting the costs to a third party, the owner of a company can reallocate their workforce and ask them to start focusing on technology and solutions that will allow the company to grow with the help of new product or service launches.

Benefits of renting IT infrastructure

There are countless benefits when you rent IT infrastructure from a reputed solutions provider and some of those benefits are mentioned in the sections below –

No Capital Investment from your end

IT equipment costs a lot of money and since you would have to periodically upgrade the internal components of all IT equipment you use at your place of business, capital investments will be exponential over the years. To put a cap on this, you need to start renting IT equipment such as Canon printer on rent in Mumbai, from revered service providers as it is a cost-efficient decision.

Easy & instant online upgrades for OS and firmware

All peripherals and IT equipment need to periodically upgrade its Operating Systems and firmware. This could be a time-consuming process when you are taking care of this aspect on your own but when you are renting all the IT equipment such as such as Canon printer on rent in Mumbai, from a reputed solutions provider then OS and firmware upgrades will be carried out by the service provider thus allowing you to focus on aspects of your business that will make you money.

Quick upgrade to the latest technologies

When you need to upgrade the storage device of the workstations on rent you use at your office, all you would need to do is ask your IT equipment rental service provider and they will send an on-site team with the latest upgrade component. This means no more waiting on component deliveries or spending a lot of money on procuring said components.

No maintenance or repair cost

IT equipment needs scheduled maintenance in order to remain operational and for that, a business needs to have an in-house team of IT professionals and technicians. This means engaging a lot of money and time in order to keep and hire said team.

With IT equipment rental services, this cost is out of the equation as the maintenance or repair costs will be taken care of by the firm you have chosen to provide you with IT equipment rental services.

Configurations will be scalable

IT technology is an ever-evolving arena which is why, by renting IT equipment such as barcode printer and scanner on rent in Mumbai, instead of buying them; you will not be stuck with outdated IT equipment. Furthermore, when your need to alter the configuration of servers, workstations or generic office computers then all you need to do is ask your solutions provider and they will carry out the necessary upgrades and that too at reasonable rates.

Quick turnaround time for installations and periodic servicing sessions

By getting your hands on IT equipment on rent, you will be able to make the most out of the quick turnaround time of revered service providers in terms of equipment installation and servicing sessions as companies that offer IT equipment on rent have dedicated teams in place for onsite equipment installations as well as repair or scheduled maintenance works.

This means that your business will not suffer from extended downtimes during equipment upgrades or when a broken down peripheral is being repaired on site.

You will save on taxes as well

By adopting IT equipment and related peripherals on rent, you will be able to save a lot on taxes as it will allow you to reduce your taxable profit along with your income or business taxes.

Why do you need to rent IT infrastructure from NTIPL? (Non-Billable as this section is taken from the client website and left as it is)

NTIPL is a prominent organization providing a variety of solutions on rent and has attracted the attention of both B2B and B2C clients looking for options to rent Products/Solutions on a short-term basis.

Our dedicated customer service team will assist you in choosing the right solution and also provide best in class after-sales support.

We believe in assisting customers to the last mile by providing the best of products and services. Before making the products available, we restore them to their original state; check on the health of the product thereby for our customers to stay confident and stress-free in terms of the quality of the products rented.

IT products on rent from NTIPL (Non-billable as this section is taken from the client website and left as it is)

NTIPL’s provides –

  • Desktop and Laptop on a Rental basis helps the organization in saving the massive cost for buying the product.
  • Transform the way of sharing information with the help of Tablets. We at Network Techlab, provide Tablet on Rent which can be used in multiple ways prominently in Events, Trade shows Conferences, etc. Our only goal is to satisfy the potential need of our customers by providing the best quality products.
  • A Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the third era of firewall innovation, consolidating a customary firewall with other system gadget shifting functionalities like an application firewall utilizing an in-line Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).
  • The most well-known servers being used today are Database Servers, Application Servers, Mail Servers and Web Servers. NTIPL provides both 2U and Tower servers on Rent.
  • A Storage device is any computing device that is utilized for storing, porting and removing records and information. It can hold and store data both on a temporary and permanent basis.
  • Wi-Fi Infrastructure is an arrangement of a remote gadget that isn’t connected by any cables. The utilization of a Wi-Fi system enables enterprises to stay away from the costly procedure of setting up cables in a building or as a connection between various hardware devices.


If you are on the hunt for the ideal company that offers quality assured IT equipment on rent then you need to get in touch with Network Techlab. The firm has been in the business of offering quality assured IT solutions to businesses belonging to all known sectors of the Indian economy since 1996. Apart from offering IT equipment on rent, NTIPL is also proficient in offering result-oriented solutions for network designing, IT maintenance and IT security. The company takes pride in its ability to provide timely services with options for scalability – all of which are available for SMEs as well as large scale businesses at attractive rates. For more details, feel free to get in touch with the company by giving them a call at 022 6681 4141 or by sending an email at

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