Build Faster Automation with RFID Solutions

Build Faster Automation with RFID Solutions


Organizations are always in search of wide range of new technologies and variety of solutions for enabling smoother functioning in their working environment.

Some integral and internal part of working like enabling and decoding the real time objects tracing, monitoring productions etc. become challenging due to outdated technologies. At such instance, the RFID plays an extensive crucial part. RFID (Radio-frequency Identification is a system in which radio waves used to define and trace the tags attached to various objects & materials.

RFID offers unique ID system, waterproofing, multi-functional and auto recognition facilities. These features make RFID an ideal choice for many applications including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, maintenance and repair, regulatory inspection and retail. Let us thoroughly know more about RFID Solutions and its application  uses.

What term can define RFID Solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) basically uses radio waves to track and identify tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information and are counted or ‘read’ by either handheld or fixed RFID readers.

Unlike bar codes, RFID system does not require a direct line of sight between the reader and the tag, it can operate effectively in hostile environments where the tag may be contaminated with dirt and grease.

Unique & Robust Features

RFID enables and provides a combination of multi-functional features.

  1. It offers a unique ID system to users.
  2. Since they are operated by reader’s power source, they don’t require batteries.
  3. It facilitates and cater hidden objects.
  4. As the device is multi-functional in nature, it helps to tag and read at once.
  5. Rugged and waterproof.
  6. It has Auto recognition mode too.

As Organizational production and inventory checking becomes tentative, RFID offers some curated benefits are as follows.

  1. Inventory visibility
  2. Increases product availability
  3. Supply chain traceability
  4. Increase process efficiency
  5. Cost effective
  6. Time management
  7. Data accuracy
  8. Monitor production
  9. In depth information availability
  10. Enhancing health and safety

Applications where RFID Solutions can be promptly used.

RFID facilitates true identification of data automatically by identifying and tracking tagged objects.

Various places that can be catered and used RFID Solutions are Hospitals, Healthcare Department, Universities and Schools, Public Service Department, Libraries, Museums, and sports etc.

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