How To Measure Data Center Performance?

How To Measure Data Center Performance?

Managing the overall health of data centre equipment such as power delivery/management systems and cooling systems is crucial when it comes to ensuring uptime of data centres.

In this context, according to the opinion of a spokesperson associated with one of the leading data center service providers in Mumbai, it is best to remember that getting hands on a centralized monitoring solution that has the capability to meet the unique needs of data centres is easier said than done!

Most available data centre performance monitoring solutions are either packed with novelty features or lack even the basic features needed to deliver required results.

Hence, it is no wonder that business managers who run enterprises that rely on data centres are always on the hunt for data centre performance monitoring and management solutions that suits the unique needs of their enterprises.

This is where leading data center solution providers in Mumbai come in. One such solution provider is Network Techlab which recently introduced its dedicated data centre performance and management solution in partnership with Trellis.

As per the expert opinion of a spokesperson associated with a prominent data center management company in Mumbai, unlike most monitoring solutions, Trellis offers enterprise managers a full list of essential features that allows them to monitor and manage the performance of their data centres in a seamless, effective and efficient manner.

Trellis is critically acclaimed for being a platform that is paired with a powerful real-time dashboard allowing data centre management teams to carry out infrastructure optimization. The software is capable of adapting to the changing needs of a data centre on a day-to-day basis.

Trellis data centre monitoring solution is an amalgamation of necessary software, hardware, and services that are tailored specifically for data centre performance monitoring. Trellis can meet the needs of small, medium and large-scale data centres that need backing from an efficient DCIM (or Data Center Infrastructure Management) system.


Trellis offers the following amazing features –

  • One can easily monitor thermal and critical power infrastructure
  • It is pretty easy to manage rack PDUs
  • One can maintain breaker panel schedule with a simple click
  • It is pretty easy to improve and manage alarms/notifications
  • The availability of real-time data makes capacity, efficiency and performance management a breeze.
  • One can also monitor environmental sensors if they are equipped in and around the data centre.
  • One can also provide support to the data centre management team members by generating detailed reports that can be then sent to business heads for reviews.

How does it work?

Trellis has a DCIM architecture based on real-world case studies. It is also designed to make the best use of data centre management best practices thus allowing data centre management teams to reduce risks associated with running and maintaining a data centre.

Trellis also helps in lowering the upfront and overhead costs that may or may not come in the form of –

  • Implementation
  • Integration and

Trellis is also capable of working in tandem with the ERP, systems management software and billing systems of the enterprise whose data centre is being retrofitted with the solution.


The benefits of Trellis data centre monitoring solutions are plenty and some of the most compelling ones are mentioned below –

  • Trellis can help data centre management teams to increase their response time when issues pop up that can hamper business-critical activities.
  • Trellis is also instrumental in improving uptime performance
  • Trellis makes the best use of KPIs for the data centre it is catering to in a bid to come up with strategies that lead to better management of the same.
  • Trellis can help in making data centres compliant with the latest norms and regulations.
  • Trellis is the perfect solution for business managers who want to increase the efficiency of their data centres by automating data entry procedures.


For more details, one should consult with the experts of a revered provider of data center services and AMC like Network Techlab. The company has been offering corporate IT solutions to its pan-India clientele for the last 2+ decades. It is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company hence, quality-assured services are guaranteed. To book an appointment, please call +91-8879004536/ 022 6681 4141 or send an email at

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