Why Audit & AMC Is Essential For Data Centers?

Why Audit & AMC Is Essential For Data Centers?

Data is the most valuable commodity in the global corporate world and for the right reasons. In this digital age, businesses that rely heavily on data are the ones that make it big in no time. Every organization processes not only the data created by its daily operations but at the same time analyzes the data of its customers. This is the reason why, data thefts, data corruption and data misplacements result in huge monetary losses for an organization irrespective of its size, age or sector.

What is a data center?

A data center is a technical term given to a large number of interconnected computer servers that are used by organizations for a myriad of purposes such as remote processing, remote distribution of data and remote storage.

Importance of Data Centers

The importance of data centers in the modern corporate world is second to none. It is one of the many reasons why globally, there are more than seven million data centers. To put things into perspective, multinational enterprises, government organizations and reputed educational institutions are backed by their respective data centers.

The sole purpose of a data center is to secure the future of an organization by offering the business a safe place to store its data and the data of its clients.

Data centers also allow multinational companies to make more money without increasing their upfront costs. In simple words, it is natural for a multinational company to have multiple branches across the globe. All of these branches would need IT resources to process large amounts of data. Increasing the processing capabilities of each business branch would entail huge upfront costs. These additional expenses can be capped by connecting all branches of a business to a data center that is managed in-house or is being managed by a veteran and reputed third-party data center service provider.

Data centers need care and regular upkeep

Data centers need care and regular upkeep. Organizations managing their data centers in-house or taking help from data center service providers ensure that their data centers are in their prime by making the best use of data center AMCs and data center audits.

What is Data Center AMC?

Data center annual maintenance contracts help organizations ensure that they are keeping the environment and the components of their data centers in excellent operational health at all times.

What is a Data Center Audit?

A data center audit on the other hand is the comprehensive process of taking inventories of data center assets. Experts would create an accurate library of all the equipment operating in a data center at any given point in time and assess their parameters.

Why Audit & AMC Is Essential For Data Centers?

According to the spokesperson of a revered provider of data center audit services in Mumbai, the main purpose of a comprehensive data center audit is to ensure that a data center is –

  • Adequate
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Secure as well as Protected against interruptions, breaches, emergencies and environmental hazards.

During data center audits, according to the CEO of a reputed provider of electrical audit of data center in Mumbai, the experts would also pay close attention to the following areas of a data center –

  • The operating policies of the data center.
  • The operating procedures of the data center.
  • The available physical security controls installed on the data center.
  • The environmental controls available in the data center.
  • The plan put in place to manage onsite incidents.
  • The strategies available to maintain the infrastructure of the data center.
  • The overall management of cable, racks and telecommunication systems.
  • The disaster recovery plans for the data center.
  • The power supply adequacy and redundancy factors of the data center.
  • The overall durability of the data center as a whole.

On the other hand, data center services and AMC offers an organization a high-performing data center along with solutions to a myriad of problems before said issues come in the way of the overall performance of the data center.

In simple words, a data center that is subjected to AMCs will have components that will function as they should even under extreme loads throughout the year. Furthermore, data center AMCs also increases the operational life of a data center along with its countless IT components.


The operational life and reliability of data centers get a boost with the help of AMCs and audits, period! But entrepreneurs need to exercise caution when they hire a data center AMC and audit service provider. If they fail to do so then chances are high that even after scheduled maintenance sessions and audits, the data center would fail to meet compliance and suffer reliability issues. To keep these problems at bay, entrepreneurs need to hire veteran data center audit and AMC service providers like Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. The company is an ISO 27001:2013 certified IT solutions provider with a pan-India presence. The company has a stellar reputation and a commendable client base. NTIPL offers comprehensive data center AMC services. The firm also has the know-how to offer quality-assured and reasonably priced end-to-end data center audits. For more details, please call +91-8879004536 or send an email to

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