How To Build a Remarkable & Fully Functional Data Center?

How To Build a Remarkable & Fully Functional Data Center?

Before we understand the basic layout of the components in a Data Center, we should go through Downtime and Its Consequences:

    1. Google’s 5 minute downtime in 2013 was reported to have cost over 500,000 USD and caused a 40% network traffic drop.
    2. Amazon lost USD 1,104.00 per second when it went down due to an unusually strong thunderstorm in Northern Virginia and generators failed to operate properly.
    3. Amadeus flight reservation system downtime caused over 400 flight delays in Australia.
    4. “” downtime affected 1,100 customers because of a human error during preventive maintenance of the UPS systems.

Keeping all these issues in mind, we should have a fully functional Data center. The key Components of a data Center are:

1. Location of Data Center :

The choice of location for installation of the Data Center should be made taking into account the region, consistent with the Code of the City zoning, land size, easy access for delivery of equipment, high areas without flooding, existence of infrastructure basic sanitation, water, telephone and electricity.

Criteria For Site Selection of Data Center:

      • Being close to points of presence to access networks of optical fiber enabling the connection of two different trunks.
      • Availability of energy with the possibility of obtaining two power inputs
      • Scalability, to allow increased building area over time.

2. Architecture of Data Center :

Data Center is usually divided into three areas of physical security in increasing order of restriction of access:
Zone I: Public areas including the Lobby, the area for visitors and administrative areas.

Zone II: Areas of Data Center Operation.
Zone III: Equipment rooms, the heart of the Data Center, where the servers are located, the “shaft” of cables, power distribution units (PDUs), batteries and air conditioning machines

3. Construction of Data Center :

The construction should provide a solid structure composing secure facilities that complement and protect equipment and information residing in the Data Center.


The Electrical segment consists of the Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) and the Emergency Power System and Power Distribution Units (PDU). The UPS has the function of providing energy for all data center equipment including safety equipment, fire detection and alarm. It consists of sets of compounds by UPS batteries, rectifiers and inverter. These UPS’s are redundant and are connected in parallel to ensure a continuous supply of power even in case of power transformer failure. The banks of batteries are sized to feed the loads for a period of 15 minutes. This time is sufficient for starting a connection of diesel generators in case of power failure of the Concessionaire.

The power system consists of a group emergency diesel generator which will come into operation and connect to the electrical system of the Data Center automatically.

Generators are rated to withstand all the loads necessary for the operation of all the Equipment and Data Center during a power failure of the Concessionaire. The goal is to assist the operation 24×7, considering the conditions for preventive maintenance, adding new components and replacement operation after unplanned outages.

The power distribution units (PDU) are responsible for conditioning the signal that is used to feed multiple devices at Data Center.

4. Air conditioning in Data Center :

The segment of Air Conditioning has the function of maintaining a controlled temperature and humidity in the premises of Data Center. The segment includes the air conditioning system for cooling units and air handling system Distribution of Air Conditioning. It should be connected to emergency power generators.

The Cooling System provides heating, cooling, humidification and de-humidification of the building.

The Air Treatment System must be separated into three types of area: Room Facilities: Data Center area offices, equipment rooms Air Conditioning and Electrical. The separation is due to differences in sensible heat and latent heat of each area, the temperature conditions and humidity.
The Distribution System of Air Conditioning Equipment Room to the Data Center will use the system to supply air for the full set beneath the raised floor. This system involves inflating the raised floor at a minimum height of 60 cm., That depending on the amount of conduit, tubing, mats, etc., should have its height adjusted so as to allow air to circulate throughout the room Data Center. The goal is to operate 24×7.

An adequate cooling is essential for maintaining performance and safety of operation of data center services.

5. Fire Protection System in Data Center :

The Data Center is a facility for electronics essentials such as servers and other types of computers and telecommunications equipment. In addition to meeting standards of the local fire department, the fire protection system should seek to avoid damage to the equipment in case of fire.

One of the best solutions for the firefighting equipment rooms is a combination of the Combat System with Pre Action Sprinkler (with dry pipe) above the raised floor system and Fire Fighting for Gas FM 200 below the raised floor.
The combat system with gas will be connected to a sensitive detection system and be the first to be fired. The gas is spread throughout the area, leaving no residue to damage sensitive equipment or to order a cleanup cost of the equipment.

The system of pre-action when triggered, discharges water only in the sprinklers that have been operated by heat over the fire.

6. Supervision and Control System in Data Center :

The control and supervision system continuously monitors the various segments of Data Center tracking items such as:

      • Control of loading and parallelism of the generating sets
      • Supervision and control of medium voltage panels
      • Integration with system of generators
      • Integration with system rectifiers
      • Supervision and control panels for low-voltage

The system consists of computers with the latest technology capable of withstanding continuous use, appropriate systems for supervision and control. The same are redundant to each other, allowing high flexibility and performance system.

The Data Center also has a system of closed circuit television and access control that controls the entry and exit in various rooms and areas of physical security at Data Center.

With increased role of data center for business operation, the organization must be able to maintain high standards, integrity, and functionality. Fortunately, not many companies have their own data center IT professionals to design, plan, and maintain the needs of a data center. With this high demand for data center services, especially in conventional data centers, NTIPL supplies their skilled expert team to handle our clients needs for their successful data center operations.

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