How SAMSUNG Business TV can help retailers to leverage their sales?

How SAMSUNG Business TV can help retailers to leverage their sales?

Gone are the days of dull, static signs and posters inside a place of business. Thanks to the advent of business TVs from Samsung, business owners can now woo their customers with a simple swipe, scroll, and tap.

Using smart business TV can allow a business to cut through the red tape of static advertisements and allow their clients to better understand what the brand and its services/products are all about. Using business TV is also a lucrative way to run promotional campaigns as it is cheaper to do so especially when compared to traditional marketing mediums.

Salient features of Samsung Business TV are as follows –

  • It has a simple range of ready-to-use content templates that allow users to showcase content that is representative of their business along with normal TV programs.
  • It has a built-in Samsung Business TV app that allows a user to seamlessly manage content.
  • It has a UHD display that comes with HDR functionality that allows the deliverance of an immersive visual experience.
  • The TV comes with an impressive warranty that ensures the device will be covered even when it is kept on for extended hours of the day.
  • The TV comes with a step-by-step tutorial which is designed in such a way that anyone can set up the TV at their place of business in a matter of minutes.

How Business TV attracts more customers through its eye-catching visual experience?

As per the opinion of an expert associated with Network Techlab – one of the leading boardroom smart business solutions in Mumbai a business TV increases the sales and conversion rates for a brand by many folds.

As mentioned earlier, static advertisement mediums such as a flyer, a pamphlet, or a poster inside a place of business can attract the attention of a customer for a limited amount of time but with the help of a business TV, a business owner can capture the imagination of their TA for a long time. All the business owner would need to do is get in touch with a company that offers video wall solution provider in India such as Network Techlab and installs smart signage in their place of business. After this, one can play customized content about the products or services their company sells on the business TV. In this way, customers can woo their present clients and also increase their chances of prospective customers getting in touch with them.

Other industries where business TVs are frequently used

Samsung’s business TV can be used by places of business irrespective of its size and the type of services it offers to its TA. It is no wonder that businesses of all sizes are now hounding companies that offer digital smart signage on rent in Mumbai to get their hands on this product. On that note, it is best to keep in mind that this product can be used in –

  • The front desk of an educational institution.
  • At a coffee shop
  • At the office of a petrol station
  • A retail store that sells any type of goods
  • An ice cream shop
  • A digital marketing company
  • A professional studio and the likes.

How NTIPL Audio Visual experts can help plan a suitable product according to the business requirements?

NTIPL can offer the following audiovisual solutions that can help boost your business –

  • SMART Signage – SMART Signage transcends the conventional viewing experience through realistic and compelling content. Backed by the best-in-class picture quality, these displays bring creative ideas to life and enable businesses to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs, and entertains
  • Standalone – Tell the story of your business through high-impact visual messaging. Samsung’s large-format digital displays provide professional-grade image quality with superior contrast ratio and best-in-industry brightness and colour uniformity.
  • Outdoor Signage – Outdoor and window communication requires stronger, more versatile signage. These displays feature high brightness, toughness in extreme conditions and simplified content sharing. They’re everything you need to reach customers beyond the storefront.
  • Video Wall – LCD videowalls create a unique large-format viewing experience, elevating any business setting. Every screen is factory calibrated, giving you uniform alignment, brightness, and colour right out of the box. And our Extreme and Ultra Narrow bezel widths help audiences focus on your content, not the display.
  • Interactive Display – Now deliver rich content and dynamic interaction in academic or business settings with our high-impact interactive digital displays.

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