How Poly Trio can improve business communications?

How Poly Trio can improve business communications?

As our lives have become increasingly reliant on technology, so has the business world. The way we conduct meetings and conferences has changed dramatically in recent years, with more and more businesses turning to IP conferencing phones to help them stay connected internally.

Keeping all this in mind, Poly INC has come up with a new series of next-generation smart IP conferencing phones to effectively transform every meeting and business conference into a seamless experience. There are 3 products in the Poly Trio series namely Poly Trio C60, Poly Trio 8800, and Poly Trio 8300 for covering the small, medium, and large meeting and conference rooms respectively. Poly’s smart IP conferencing systems deliver a rich and seamless conferencing experience making your day-to-day business meetings and conferences much more organized and practically uninterruptible.

Poly Trio C60

The Poly Trio C60 is the first product in the Poly Trio series and has an all-new design with a fabric-like covering, a very lightweight base, and a cable management system (USB/LAN/HDMI) underneath. It is built to deliver up to 4x faster performance. It comes with improved audio performance with up to 22 kHz audio and a distraction-free Noise Block AI to effectively filter all the background noise delivering a crisp and clean audio experience. Mute and volume controls are placed at convenient locations and are illuminated so that they could be easily found when the room is dark.

It also has an in-built energy saver mode in which the system will go to sleep automatically when is not in use. It is also equipped with an auto-wake response, that is, when someone is detected within the proximity of the device, it will wake up automatically. Apart from all the above-mentioned specialities, it also supports PoE/PoE+, Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz), BYOD connectivity via Bluetooth, as well as USB, and also has a simple-to-use interface. Considering all the features, Poly Trio C60 is the best choice for users that need to fill up a small room with a high-quality and seamless audio experience.

Poly Trio 8800

The magnanimous Poly Trio 8800 is well equipped to deliver room-filling audio up to 22 kHz with industry-leading full duplex calls, echo cancellation, and noise reduction with intelligent processing. Manufactured to deliver a superior audio experience, Poly Trio 8800 has a 5” color touch display which puts familiar and easy-to-use icons and user controls at your fingertips for quick meetings. The calendar integration feature ensures that your meetings get started in seconds with a one-touch-join function.

With Poly Trio 8800, you can easily connect your mobile device or laptop via Bluetooth®/NFC or USB, and use Trio as the speakerphone to enhance the audio experience of personal devices. Also, users can connect to one or multiple leading SIP and Cloud Conferencing Services at the same time, saving you the hassle of choosing just one. Illuminated mute indicators on each leg of the device are within easy reach so that everyone can see when the microphone is live and when it’s muted. All these features make Poly Trio 8800 the best smart conferencing system when it comes to filling up a large room with a rich audio experience.

Poly Trio 8300

The Poly Trio 8300, just like its predecessor, has rich audio of up to 14 kHz and a microphone range of up to 12’/3.7m. It is enabled with an industry-leading full duplex IP calling system, echo cancellation to effectively filter out the echo of the user’s voice as well as inbuilt noise reduction with intelligent processing giving you the superior quality audio experience you expect when the name Poly comes into the picture.

It has an old-school classic keypad to have a more recognizable user experience and an LCD combined with a very simple-to-use navigation menu. It has features like local three-way audio conferencing, up to three lines (registrations), one-touch speed dial, meeting join, and a do-not-disturb function. It also supports Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity and a Manual or dynamic DCHP setup. In short, when a small room is to be covered, Poly Trio 8300 could be considered the best and most technically apt smart IP conferencing system there is.

Importance of Smart IP Conferencing Phones

IP conferencing phones offer excellent call quality, which is essential for businesses that need to communicate clearly and effectively. They are also much more reliable than traditional phone lines, which can be prone to dropped calls and poor connection quality. They are more cost-effective than traditional phone lines and offer many features that can make meetings and conferences more efficient and productive. There are many benefits of using IP conferencing phones for businesses. Overall, IP conferencing phones are an excellent option for businesses that need to stay connected and communicate effectively

NTIPL and Poly Inc

At NTIPL, we deliver end-to-end technological products, solutions, and services and are proud to announce that we have partnered with Poly Inc to bring you all types of poly products like smart IP conferencing phones. If you have any query regarding Poly Trio or any of NTIPL’s services, feel free to connect with us at Email: Contact: 8879004536

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