How network audio can make difference in your retail environment.

How network audio can make difference in your retail environment.

Retail store witnesses large footfalls in-store every day. Intelligent network audio can play a vital role and can add new dimensions to security, customer experience and easy operation management. Network Audio system helps in Communicating with staff and customers quickly and clearly, either live or via scheduled pre-recordings. Background music in different moods and volumes reenergizes the customer experience and helps them feel good while they shop around the store. In short, Network Audio can be used in Marketing, Safety and Security Operations. Let us see how network audio can help in several ways.

Play Music
Play pre-recorded messages and background music where and when you want them. Use audio management software for administration of scheduling, zoning and content management.

Play Pre Recorded Messages and Instructions
Play pre-recorded messages triggered by an event the camera detects, such as motion detection. This lets you address the event in real time, potentially disrupting theft, unwanted behavior and more.

Speak live from anywhere
Play live messages and speak directly to the scene. This is an efficient way for customized messaging.

Network audio solutions connect to the standard network with no need for dedicated audio cabling. They can be combined to create a flexible and scalable system where it is easy to add or remove speakers in an instant. It is also just as easy to change the zones, content and scheduling so you can always be sure you have a system that adapts to the needs of your business as they change.

Network Techlab offers Axis network audio systems that are pre-configured to deliver excellent audio quality right out of the box. Completely digital and controlled either locally or remotely, it is easy to test, maintain, and troubleshoot your system over the same network that powers it. So you always know it is working when you are not on the premises and if one speaker should fail, the rest of the system keeps working. Axis open platform provides unlimited potential for integrating the audio system with other systems, like your video management software (VMS), with Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony using SIP. This enables you to stay ahead with Axis network audio solutions for future business.

Network audio is more than a speaker – it is a new and versatile way to interact, protect, and inform. Network audio adds value to your business by helping you communicate clearly at the right time, and in the right places.

Sounds interesting? Ask us for more information on how it would be helpful in your retail or factory environment. Get in touch with us for more information.


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