How Monitoring solution can help you to monitor performance in various industries with Serial Console Server?

How Monitoring solution can help you to monitor performance in various industries with Serial Console Server?

Businesses cannot survive these days without the internet.

They need to connect their IT devices to the LAN network through a serial port in order to access the internet so that their business activities can be carried out without a glitch.

There are countless devices and IT peripherals that need detailed introductions but this post will discuss a few things about serial console servers.

Overview of Serial Console Server

Serial console servers are devices that allow computing devices access to the networking technologies available through the system console of the computing device in question.

Its uses

Serial console servers find extensive applications in the following sectors –

  • The banking sector
  • The financial sector
  • The insurance sector
  • The education sector
  • The government sector
  • The healthcare sector
  • The aerospace sector
  • The oil and gas sector
  • The telecom sector as well as the
  • The transportation sector


The primary uses of serial console servers are as follows –

  • It is used for securing the console
  • It is one of the easiest ways to manage power
  • It can also be used to manage networks as well as servers, etc.

Benefits of using a Serial Console Server from NTIPL

With NTIPL serial console servers, your company will be able to enjoy more security and control over its IT infrastructure.


Well, NTIPL’s serial console servers offer –

  • Access rights and privilege control to individual ports
  • Consolidated authentication for simplified password management
  • Data encryption and
  • Logging and alerting of access allows speedy resolution of issues and task mitigation.

How NTIPL will support & our USP in providing this Serial Console Server?

NTIPL has been offering data centre audit services and serial console server solutions to all sectors of the Indian economy for more than 25 years.

The company has close ties with Avocent – one of the leading manufacturers of serial console servers. These serial console servers are known for their centralised user management and customization abilities.

Choose Network Techlab and build an up-to-date IT ecosystem for your business so that you can securely manage your company network(s) at reasonable rates.

Support Availability

NTIPL has been at offering commendable IT services to Indian and foreign businesses for more than 25 years.

The company will be able to meet all your serial console server needs 24/7 as it is backed by a team of experts who have years of experience in this sector.

Grievances will be addressed in minimal delay and solutions will be rendered as soon as possible – this is the NTIPL guarantee.

NTIPL is capable of meeting the serial console server requirements of SMB’s as well as large enterprises efficiently.

Backup/Security for your Serial Console Server

NTIPL has extensive experience in this sector which means they have what it takes to make sure the serial console server your company uses is secured so that unauthorised access is kept at bay.

NTIPL will be using advanced tools and technical prowess in order to design and plan highly effective and reliable serial console server solutions your business needs and deserves.


Serial console servers are indispensable assets for any modern-day business. Hence, hire the experts like NTIPL to help you out with all your serial console server requirements and smart data centre solutions so that you get the best solutions and that too at reasonable rates. For more details, feel free to get in touch with NTIPL at or call them at 022 6681 4141.

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