How Lithium Ion Batteries are Crucial in Energy Storage System in Future?

How Lithium Ion Batteries are Crucial in Energy Storage System in Future?

Energy is the prime area of attention for NTIPL, we are committed to providing new technologies in Energy Efficiency and Power Solutions like Lithium-Ion Batteries.

We are associated with LG Chem’s lithium-ion batteries that offer far greater freedom of battery shape and design, making it easy to tailor them to fit the devices they’ll be used in.

The worldwide lithium-ion battery market is projected to register 11%+ CAGR from 2019 to 2025, impelled by the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Fig. Global Market Insights

The global lithium-ion battery market will surpass USD 73 billion by 2025, as reported in the latest study by Global Market Insights, Inc

Comparison between traditional VRLA Batteries and Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Parameter Traditional VRLA Lithium-Ion battery
Charging time 7-8 hours ~ 1.5 tp 2 hours
Space requirement More approx. 3 times of LIB 1/3rd of VRLA
Battery intelligence (Inbuilt BMS) Not Available Available
Data logging (historic performance data) Not Available Available
Self-protection and diagnosis Not Available Available
Status indication of the front panel Not Available Available
Series parallel connection of cells at the site Required Not Required (Plug)
Battery Monitoring (State of health) Not Available Available
Data on RS 485 protocol for external device (Remote monitoring) Not Available Available
Usable capacity (Depth of discharge) 50% DOD 80-90% DOD
Internal protection for overcharge, over temp., over current, low voltage, etc. Not Available Available
Programmable for change in threshold levels No Yes (in Special cases)
life cycles ~ 1200 cycles 4000 ~ 5000 Cycles
Efficiency (Charge/Discharge) ~ 75% ~ 95%

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Lithium Ion Batteries Dealers to:

  • Telecom Tower for BTS application
  • SMART City
  • TOLL Back-up
  • Metro & Railway Station Back-up
  • Commercial, Factories Critical back-up or DG minimization
  • ATM application with UPS solution
  • Fuel Pump application with Solar
  • Grid-Scale Large Storage requirement
  • Data Center and many more.

Make your batteries intelligent with our Lithium-Ion battery management ecosystem. Highly configurable and a modular ecosystem that gives you 100% control of the batteries. Predict Battery Life. Improve e-Fleet ROI. Manage Li-ion Batteries with Li-ion Battery Experts.

We have been present in India as Lithium-Ion Battery Solution Providers with a full-fledged Engineering team and a Pan India Services Team.

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