How Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy are critical in the Technology world today?

How Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy are critical in the Technology world today?

A business cannot always avoid a disaster, but it can implement disaster recovery and backup strategies as preventative measures so that it can –

  • Minimize damages to its image
  • Prevent the loss of business-critical data
  • Prevent the loss of clients to the hands of competitors and
  • Make sure that its operations are up and running in no time.

Having a disaster recovery and backup strategy has many benefits.

Some of them are –

  • Minimized time needed for recovery.
  • Prevention of potential legal liabilities in the form of lawsuits from clients.
  • Improved security against cyber attacks.

Cases/Examples which might require such solutions to be deployed

In case a business that relies heavily on data such as a hospital, a digital marketing firm, or a software development firm is struck by a cyber-attack or an accidental fire, in the absence of a disaster recovery plan and a backup strategy, the business will lose all of its business-critical data.

The result will be devastating as the business would need to begin from scratch which may drive the venture towards bankruptcy and loss of clients.

How Disaster Recovery can help improvise crises situations?

It is a good idea to store a copy of business-critical data on a separate medium which in this case is the solutions offered by disaster recovery solution providers in Mumbai or any other part of the world.


Well, it is the only way a business owner can rest assures that his or her business data is protected against data loss, theft, malware attacks, and corruption.

In the case of businesses operating in Mumbai, it is always a good idea to seek help from a veteran disaster recovery solution provider like Network Techlab – one of the leading providers of data backup and recovery services in Mumbai as the city of Mumbai often sees waterlogged roads and even buildings.

In case a business is located on the ground floor of a building that is susceptible to flooding during the monsoons, chances are ripe that the business might lose its business-critical data to acts of god like the rains that battered the city in the year 2005!

Importance of Backup Strategy and how this can be utilized for an enhanced output

The primary purpose of creating a backup of data is to create a copy of the same so that it can be used in place of the original copy in case the latter is lost, corrupted, or erased.

As mentioned earlier, acts of god such as flash floods can lead a business to a complete standstill if it loses its data and its copies. This is why availing the services of a company that offers data backup and recovery services in Mumbai is essential as the service provider will keep copies of business-critical data on behalf of its clients in secured locations so that the latter can use the data and spring back in action thus preventing itself from going out of service.

In this technologically advanced world, disaster recovery and backup strategy is a must

Business owners often think that if they have data centres on their premises or that if they have trained their workforce to regularly back up data, the future of their venture is secured but that is not the case!

What if the backup devices are lost or the data centre that houses the dedicated servers of the business is gutted in fire!?

In case of the above crises, a business can only survive when it has backing from a revered data backup and recovery service provider like Network Techlab.

This is the age of the internet, data, and computer technology. Hence, without data, a business cannot survive and without proper disaster recovery and backup strategies in place, it cannot have a secured future. It is as simple as that!


For the best results, a business owner should get in touch with a leading data backup and recovery solution provider in India like Network Techlab. The company offers a comprehensive suite of disaster recovery solutions that are backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure alongside end-to-end services that are managed by veteran personnel. For more details, feel free to get in touch with the company

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