How a Photocopier can be beneficial for any business?

How a Photocopier can be beneficial for any business?

Owning a business is no mean feat. You would have to tread the extra mile and ensure that your place of business is stocked with all the right tools and essential gadgets that will help you and your workforce to carry out daily business operations seamlessly.

One such tool is the ever-humble Photocopier machine.

A Photocopier or a copy machine is a simple but pretty essential tool that copies a document and prints copies of the same at a rate faster than your typical desktop printer.


Whether you choose to get a photocopier machine on rent in Mumbai or choose to buy one, you would need to shift through the following categories of photocopy machines –

  • Black and white (or monochrome) photocopiers
  • Color photocopiers
  • Desktop photocopiers – these are small photocopy machines that resemble a desktop printer but have a higher printing rate.
  • Office photocopiers – these are full-size photocopy machines that can copy and print documents in large quantities.


The primary application, as mentioned earlier is to create copies of an original document – which could be an image, a piece of paper, an ID card, or any other material that is slim enough to be put on the copy-table of the machine.

Importance of Photocopier Machine in Business

As per the opinion of a spokesperson associated with a revered photocopier solutions provider in Mumbai, an office, especially if it is a big one, can do without a printer but it cannot do without a photocopy machine.

Compared to desktop printers, a photocopy machine can produce more copies of a document at a faster rate. On top of this, the running costs and maintenance costs of a photocopy machine are much lower than that of a desktop printer.

How to choose the best suitable Photocopier machine for your business?

You can choose the ideal photocopier machine when you keep the following in your mind –

  • First, you would need to choose the type of copies you need your photocopier to make. In case you want a copier for only monochrome copies then chooses a monochrome photocopier. In case you want color copies of all your documents, choose a photocopier that is meant for that. In case you want one that has compact dimensions then choose the desktop version of photocopier machines.
  • Secondly, you would need to consider the speed at which the copier can run. In case you will be using a copier machine for large volumes of photocopy operations then choose one that has a high copy-print rate.
  • The third is the cost – in this case, it is best to rent a photocopy machine instead of buying one as a machine on rent will allow you to save money as you would not need to worry about maintaining or fixing it. The rental company will do it for you.

Top 10 Questions When Buying a Photocopier machine

Ask the following ten questions when you are buying a photocopier machine for the best results –

  • How Much Does the Copier Cost?
  • Does It Make Color Copies?
  • How Many Copies Can I Make?
  • How Much Does the Toner Cost?
  • How Quickly Does It Copy?
  • What Sizes Can I Copy?
  • Can I Connect the Copier to My Computer Network?
  • Can the Copier Fold and Staple?
  • What is the Copier Warranty?
  • Where Can I Get Technical Support?

How Network Techlab experts can suggest the best suitable solution for your business?

NTIPL is one of the leading photocopier solutions provider in India. We have been meeting the photocopier needs of businesses of all sizes and categories for the last 25+ years. Trust on our expertise and choose to rent a photocopier from us at the best rates, instead of buying one so that you can save yourself from the headache of maintaining and servicing the photocopy machine.


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