Get the complete rack level monitoring for Data centre using iPDU solutions

Get the complete rack level monitoring for Data centre using iPDU solutions

We know that the Data centre act as a core for every Businesses today, because it stands out as a point of contact & management system for planning, organizing, controlling & managing the Data effectively.

So is your Data centre safe from all the management & monitoring? Is the energy assessment, periodical check is done properly? Like this there are even many questions that can ask about your Data centre management.

Hence, here we make introduce you with PDU (Processor distribution unit) for your Data centre, that consistently manage & monitor all your components in Data centre resulting into a systematic working of Data centre.

Intelligent PDUs are the best choice to reduce cost, increase availability, provide energy efficiency, and manage existing capacity. Basic PDUs: Basic PDUs are power strips used in data centre environments. They distribute voltage and current to supply power to racked IT equipment.

What is iPDU?

PDUs are designed for installation in equipment racks, keeping power within reach of rack mounted devices such as servers, switches, routers, or cooling fans. PDUs are most often used in data centres, network closets, VoIP phone systems, and industrial environments.

iPDU brings world-class management and control to rack-mounted power distribution units (PDU) in order to prevent over-provisioning of power that restricts further growth in your data centre.


Intended features – iPDU

  1. Equal power distribution.
  2. A complete monitoring for various aspects of Data centre.
  3. Controlling of Data centre components.
  4. Power Indicators.
  5. Facilitates plug & play option to user.
  6. Environmental sensor connectivity.
  7. Load balancing.
  8. Voltage & ampere meter.


Reasons why iPDU are necessary for you Data centre

  1. Zero rack space required.
  2. Easy mounting & racking.
  3. Easy to access remotely.
  4. Local current monitoring display.
  5. Single input power source
  6. Alarm threshold management.
  7. Complete identification of flaws in Data centre.
  8. Accuracy & reliability.


Which sectors can crucially go with iPDU?

Power distribution unit are must in almost every sector of the Business where huge data centre are mounted in order to make an Organization perform effectively. Power distribution unit facilitate a complete monitoring & system analysis solution to your Data centre.

Hence in every sectors where huge data centres are installed there the PDU are required consequently.

PDUs are must need everywhere in the areas like Banking, Manufacturing units, Food corporations, Corporates, Government, Health care & Education etc.


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