Eliminate risk of Fire emergency in your Organization with unique VESDA System.

Eliminate risk of Fire emergency in your Organization with unique VESDA System.

In case you have a fire emergency at your Organization, there are high chances of lives & property at the risk. To make the organization pre-alerted, you need suitable equipment, tool or a solution for making the caution among the people as early as possible. Such uncertain risk can be avoided by having an excellent fire & smoke detector system in the Organization, as this will help recognize the event at the time of beginning of the event.

VESDA System is one of the unique, proficient fire alarm systems that stand out the best in the class due its variety of features & benefits. VESDA System differs from the traditional conventional method of smoke detecting as it directly hit the root cause area through the motion sensor & pass the vertical message immediately to the receiver. VESDA system has significantly benefited numerous organizations with early smoke detector & fire alarm system methods, making all the people aware early before the fire breakout.

What is VESDA System

VESDA Systems basically is a smoke detector used for early warning applications where response to a fire is critical or danger in situation.
The VESDA detectors are able to deliver & send this information to a fire alarm control panel, a software management system or a building management system via High Level Interface (HLI).

How VESDA System can offer your Business with multiple features & benefits.

  1. Two level security code protection
  2. Push button for alert, action & fire levels
  3. Customized specifications
  4. Day / Night alarm offsetting
  5. Facilitates data logging
  6. Easy repair & maintenance
  7. High end performance
  8. Detect smoke before visible to the human eye
  9. System fault reporting
  10. Digital Indicator system

Prominent areas of applications – VESDA System.

VESDA System can be installed anywhere that a conventional smoke detector system can, but with greater flexibility.
Prominence applications of VESDA system is where there are high equipment’s, machinery, tools & appliances are installed which can catch fire promptly. Such system requires a systematic mentoring & can pre alert to all the people in the Organization even before the smoke detected by VESDA system.
It can be highly used in Commercial sector, Business areas, Production & Manufacturing Units, Schools & Colleges, and Auditoriums & Theatres etc.

Eliminate the drawbacks of your organizations like fire occurrence, system default etc. which can turn out harmful to the live of the people & properties too. Minimize your risk effectively by getting an appropriate solution with defined services.


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