Do you have a clear view of what’s happening on your network?

Do you have a clear view of what’s happening on your network?

Can you see exactly what’s happening on your network at any given time?
Do you know how many applications you’re running, and who is using them?
Do you know how many threats – known and unknown are attacking your network?

The Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) is a great way to get visibility of what is really happening on your network. It will show where you have potential risks on your network that could affect your security. It will give you a full understanding of which applications are being used, including ‘shadow’ applications that may not have been authorized by the IT department. It will show URL traffic, content types, and will catalog all potential threats on the network, known and unknown, and those linked to user behavior. Best of all, it will give you recommendations for dealing with the risks that are identified.
The Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) summarizes the business and security risks facing an organization, providing an opportunity to review the findings and take joint action on them during an initial evaluation, or as part of a regular visibility and security check-up.
The review integrates existing Application Visibility Report data with WildFire, SaaS-based application visibility, and more. The findings are based on data collected by an onsite device, or submitted to the WildFire cloud, during a specified time period, including applications, SaaS-based applications, URL traffic, content types, and known and unknown threats traversing the network.

Enterprise SLR
Designed for enterprise customers to provide visibility into applications, threats, SaaS application usage and malware in the customer’s network.
Executive SLR
This is a condensed version of the Enterprise SLR designed for C-level audiences.
Service Provider SLR
Provides an opportunity for a Service Provider to look deeply into the threats and applications and take joint action to improve their security posture. It details relevant findings including analysis of threats, application vulnerabilities and command, and control activity.

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