Digital Transformation (DX)

Digital Transformation (DX)

Traditionally, every successful organization keeps trying to improve customer experience, process improvisation and enhance overall efficiency. It tries to “Transform” its operations. Also, the word “Digital” is not new to us. It brings a sense of online, paper-less, software-defined, automation etc. Combining digital and transformation have been disruptive and have a game-changing impact on business all around the world. Enterprises like Amazon, Uber, LinkedIn, Flipkart, Swiggy, Ola and Paytm are some of the examples where we can see digital is at the core. Digital brings impactful customer experience, process automation, employee workspace experience and hence it enables an easy and convenient way of doing things. Traditional organizations need to bring digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant in the marketplace. Increasing digital footprint in an enterprise calls for having an organizational cyber-security framework, hence security becomes an extremely important issue to roll out the safe and secure digital transformation.

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