Digital Campus Connected Together

Digital Campus Connected Together

The global education sector is being subjected to a complete technology-backed overhaul in a bid to attract and retain students as well as educators. The era of technologically enhanced educational institutions would have made an appearance at least 5 years late. But the recent global pandemic-induced lockdowns compelled educational institutions around the world to fast-track the digitization of their respective campuses.

Why do educational institutions need digitalization?

Well, according to the personal opinion of the CEO of a reputed network access control service provider in Mumbai, the reason is simple.

Educators and students need easy access to the internet via Wi-Fi 6 and 5G networks. Accessing and sending pertinent information in a short time can help both educators and students attain their respective objectives.

Educators can see to it that they are offering quality assured and international grade training to their students. Students, on the other hand, can make sure that they are getting their doubts cleared in no time all the while gaining information through visual cues from high quality e-learning material.

Lead technical supervisors of leading wireless networking solution providers in India also believe that educational institutions with digitally overhauled campuses will be able to enhance their reputation on a national and international scale. This will also allow the owner of the institution impressive year-on-year growth in terms of profit.

Leverage solutions that enable digital transformation

As per the professional opinion of a spokesperson of – the leading network access control solution provider in Mumbai, there are lots of solutions available these days that are primarily designed for the digital betterment of educational institutions.

For instance, being a leading wired networking solution provider, Network Techlab India Private Limited has a diverse portfolio of solutions that can meet the unique requirements of local, national and international educational institutions operating in India. NTIPL’s digital solutions specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of educational institutions operating in India consists of –

  • Switches
  • Wi-Fi6 connectivity solutions
  • Surveillance solutions
  • Fibre cabling solutions and
  • Related end-to-end campus digitalization solutions meant to connect students, teachers as well as administrators in a seamless manner.

Other benefits of digitally enhanced campuses

Taking the professional opinion of spokespersons representing leading network audit services in Mumbai, one can come up with the following conclusions about why a digitally enhanced campus is the need of the hour.

High-density wireless coverage

Hiring structured cabling companies to digitize the campuses of educational institutions using Wi-Fi 6 wireless solutions, can help improve the overall performance of the same. E-learning, classroom engagement, e-learning content sharing and overall digital security of students as well as educators will get a massive boost.

Stable structure cabling

Data cabling service providers in Mumbai can help educational institutions meet their respective ever-increasing demand for connecting devices through wired internet connections. Furthermore, structured cabling solutions also help modern-day campuses of educational institutions to offer more security, reliability and speed.

Secure and seamless networking authentication

Hiring revered network switches companies also make school, college or university campus networking authentication a seamless process by making the most out of multiple authentication processes. The outcome is that everyone using the network of the educational institution will be protected against external as well as internal cyber threats.

Real-time network monitoring and detection

Leading providers of campus digitization solutions like NTIPL also allow educational institutions to secure their campuses using the latest integrated real-time network monitoring and detection solutions. Network monitoring and detection allows campuses of educational institutions to remain spam-free, VIRUS-free and at the same time, keep students and educators on campus from accessing unauthorised content on the internet

Flexible operation and user management

Leading campus digitization solution providers like NTIPL also offer flexible operation and user management solutions like –

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Multifactor SSIDs
  • Network Access Control solutions as well as
  • VLAN binding solutions in a bid to manage network user profiles and their respective bespoke operational criteria.

Contact NTIPL for campus digitization solutions

Network Techlab India Private Limited is an ISO 27001:2013 certified IT solutions provider that has been in the sector for more than 25 years. The company has a stellar reputation and a pan-India presence. The clientele of the enterprise consists of nationally and globally recognised educational institutions. Hence, hiring NTIPL for campus digitization solutions would not be a bad idea. To learn more, please call +91-8879004536 or send an email to

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