Structured Cabling System

Structured cabling is the basic foundation on which all other network equipment depends. Now more than ever before, critical business communications, operations, and processes depend on effective transport over a structured network and cable infrastructure.

You can trust NTIPL to implement a structured cabling system with extensive testing to ensure maximum performance when plugging in your network equipment. Infrastructure that is poorly designed, installed or maintained can hinder productivity and business operation. Our certified technicians offer design, installation, maintenance, and optimization of structured cabling systems comprised of copper cable and fiber optic cable, for delivery of voice, and data services. Cable infrastructure has the longest lifecycle and lowest cost of any network components. Ensure your structured cabling system is done the right way with NTIPL.

Structured Cabling Infrastructures

Our different types of cabling infrastructure offered include:

Copper Solutions
Shielded and unshielded low voltage cabling copper solutions provide the ultimate performance and reliability for today and tomorrow’s copper infrastructure requirements. Our Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a solutions are designed to “future proof” your environment to the greatest extent possible.

Fibre Optic Cabling Solutions
We also offer low voltage cabling fibre optics in a single mode, multi-mode, and laser optimized varieties that complement the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network, delivering future-proof infrastructure. Our fibre optic services include design, engineering, installation, termination, and testing.

Organizations that have various branches situated at different countries and cities of the world, or companies with numerous departments with a huge number of employees, require a proper and efficient networking system that connects to all their computers, faxes, printers, scanners etc. If the networking system is not properly installed it can create havoc in the organization. But with well-organized structured cabling system, all this has become very simple. To make the organization’s networking system smooth and long-lasting for years, companies install unique, quality high-speed cable.
In this era of advanced technology, structured cabling is perhaps the best and most cost-effective solution to a great and efficient networking system.
Nowadays mostly all business firms’ works seriously on the installation of advanced ethernet network cable, phone wiring, premise wiring for secure and uninterrupted flow of data and information. We have a dedicated group of engineers who look after the type of cable best suited for the infrastructure and then plan and design networking cabling solutions to meet the specific business needs.

Today, the structured cabling system is the foremost priority of all types of business enterprises. Companies follow important guidelines before installing network cabling structure like:
• Fibre cable, Multi-mode and Single mode for smooth long-distance data transfer that is interference free
• Ethernet network cable for office buildings, call centres, data centres, warehouses and small offices

We offer unique and flexible structured cabling solution that is adjustable to frequent relocations, any kind of changes in networking or infrastructure without any workflow disruptions. The efficient network system speeds up data transfer immensely and reduces costs to a large extent.
Whether it is a pre-occupied office or an empty place, whether a large construction site or a high-rise building; whatever the situation or wherever the location; the advance and superior cabling networking system is the only answer for speedy and continuous data flow.

We are elated to announce that we have entered the 25th Year of Business Excellence this year.

We deeply thank all our OEM’s and Clients for having trust in us and our Network family to stand headstrong for serving with the finest quality service.

With each passing year, we will definitely scale new heights.

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