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Hackers have been at it since the internet was made available to the masses. That hasn’t changed. However, the ways hackers carry out their malicious attacks have evolved.  Cybercriminals are always scouring the internet in a bid to find vulnerabilities in the closed IT infrastructures of businesses big and small. VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing.

A low power factor can have a number of impacts on a business. The first is that it can increase your energy costs. A low power factor means that your business is not using its electricity as efficiently as it could be. This means that you are effectively paying for wasted electricity, which can add up over time. A low power factor can also cause problems with your equipment.

Structured cabling refers to the standardized infrastructure of cabling and connectivity hardware that provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure for a building or campus. It involves the installation of a set of cables, wires, and related components that form the backbone of a building’s communication system, supporting data, voice, video, and other types of network traffic.

DMS typically have three main components: a repository, where all the documents are stored; a set of rules or policies that govern how the documents can be used; and a set of tools for managing, searching, and retrieving the documents. The repository is the heart of the DMS. It is a database that stores all the documents in the system, as well as metadata about each document.

The answer to the above question is case-sensitive and elaborate. This post in the following sections will try and enunciate the answer to the above question as much as possible. Here goes. Running a business is not an easy task. Whether one has recently started a new venture or expanding their brand on a local, national or international scale, one has to keep overhead expenses under check in a bid to keep their venture sustainable.

Video walls can be used in a variety of settings, including shopping malls, airports, and other public spaces. They are also becoming increasingly popular for use in businesses, as they can provide a great way to display information or promote products and services. If you are considering using a video wall for advertising, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you will need to make sure that the video wall is visible and can be seen by potential customers.

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The company was using a traditional backup software where they used to take backups on the 3rd party disk which was fundamentally taking too much of space as there was less de-duplication and compression happening. The company believes in focusing on operational excellence.

The company has a large team size and a variety of external users who access file servers from anywhere in the world. They were using on premise server earlier and accessing their file server through private IP which was not a secure practice.

The company has multiple users working in office premises which is heavily dependent on the internet for their day-to-day activities. Using a physical LAN connection to get connected with the internet was a monotonous activity every day due to which users’ productivity may get hampered sometimes.

Automatic Power Correction was required by a major Biotech and Pharma organization to deal with harmonics and power factor issue. There was an issue of harmonics and power factor at a leading Biotech and Pharma organization which we resolved. We provide all types of power factor correction services

Sourcing and matching the samples given by the client was a major challenge. Also matching the price and delivering the said product within the given time frame was also a major challenge. We here at Network Techlab India provide all types of barcode labels and scanners so that businesses can effectively track their inventory and also manage it.

Laptops with high processing power and exceptional efficiency were required by one of the leading supply chain management company that has been in the top charts in their domain since 1998. Another challenge was to procure the laptops in time along with considering the financial strain that our client had to bare and deliver the laptops within their desired price range.

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Remembering our heroes who have contributed their little part to the noble cause of Thalassemia.


Network Ninjas aiming for victory at KPL Season 2 Cricket Tournament, the game of glorious uncertainties.


Be the Change you wish to see in the world. Remembering our heroes who have contributed their little part to the noble cause of Thalassemia. Listen from Ekta Shah, a thought behind our blood donation camp.

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Proud to announce our partnership with labs private limited.

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