Leading rubber component manufacturer using reliable Wi-Fi using Alcatel AP Solution.

Network Techlab deployed a Wi-Fi, enabling the company to deliver great user experience, operational efficiencies and more collaboration.

Organization: The leading rubber component manufacturing company

Location: Mumbai

Domain: Manufacturing

Solution Offered: Alcatel Wi-Fi Solution


The company is a leading manufacturer of the various types of rubber components used in automotive, engineering projects. The company provides rubber to metal bonded items in different types of Ploymers i.e. Natural Rubber EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon, Viton, Polyacrylic, Vamac, Butyl, Neoprene, SBR. The company is certified by DNV for ISO / TS – 16949: 2009.

The Challenge:

The company has multiple users working in office premises which is heavily dependent on the internet for their day-to-day activities. Using a physical LAN connection to get connected with the internet was a monotonous activity every day due to which users’ productivity may get hampered sometimes. The company understood this challenge and decided to give their workforce a seamless internet so that connected to the internet every time without interruption.


Team Network Techlab has discussed with the company about the user experience in regards to internet access and proposed Alcatel Lucent Access Points which evenly distribute the Wi-Fi across their premises. Our team has gone through their floor design and suggested a cost-effective access point solution. The Network Techlab team designed a complete solution with an architecture layout to deploy the seamless wireless solution. There were Switches and Access Control solutions were provided with complete installation and deployment. Further signoff document has been shared with the customer after testing and delivering the site to the customer.


  • Seamless connectivity with maximum uptime
  • Easy internet access to users and easy operation
  • High-speed internet coverage across their premises
  • Easy Wi-Fi management with centralized operations

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