VAPT – Critical Part of your Cybersecurity

VAPT – Critical Part of your Cybersecurity

Hackers have been at it since the internet was made available to the masses. That hasn’t changed. However, the ways hackers carry out their malicious attacks have evolved.

VAPT – Critical Part of your Cybersecurity

Hackers have been at it since the internet was made available to the masses. That hasn’t changed. However, the ways hackers carry out their malicious attacks have evolved. Cybercriminals are always scouring the internet in a bid to find vulnerabilities in the closed IT infrastructures of businesses big and small.

Hence, it is imperative that entrepreneurs take the necessary measures to ensure that their ventures do not become the victim of a cyber attack by availing of all available modern cybersecurity solutions. One of the best, most efficient and most effective cybersecurity solutions for enterprises these days is letting their IT infrastructure be tested by reputed firms offering VAPT solutions. VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing.

What is VAPT?

VAPT is an umbrella term for all the security assessment services a provider designs from scratch, implements and then gauges their efficiency in a bid to point out (and fix) cybersecurity issues within the IT infrastructure of an organisation.

Process of the VAPT

A spokesperson for a renowned cyber security solution provider in Mumbai shared the process all VAPT experts follow in a bid to gauge the strength of a client’s IT infrastructure. The process consists of the following steps.

  • Discovering the asset(s) – The first step VAPT experts would take is to figure out the assets in the client’s IT infrastructure that can be scanned.
  • Prioritization – The next step is to assess whether the discovered assets can be subjected to VAPT session(s).
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities – The next step is to run the VAPT sessions on the assets that can be subjected to the same in a bid to identify cybersecurity weaknesses. The second objective of this step is to offer the client guidance on how the revealed security issues can be fixed. Most of the time, revered VAPT solution providers tend to fix revealed cybersecurity issues after a VAPT session right off the bat. However, the trick is to partner up with the right service provider that offers the scanning and issue mitigation services as a whole package!
  • Analysis of results followed by mitigation of issues – The last step in a typical VAPT session consists of providing the client with an assessment report which can be referred to while developing future cybersecurity issue remediation plans.

Benefits of performing VAPT

As per the professional opinion of a VAPT expert associated with one of the leading providers of security assessment services in Mumbai, letting a trusted firm run VAPT sessions on the IT infrastructure of a business lets the same reap the following benefits.

VAPT sessions point out all vulnerabilities within an organization’s IT infrastructure

With the help of periodic VAPT sessions, entrepreneurs can quickly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their venture’s IT infrastructure. At the same time, the reports generated after a VAPT session also allow entrepreneurs to have a better understanding of the locations in their venture’s IT infrastructure that may open up digital backdoors for cybercriminals in the event of strong enough future cyber attacks!

VAPT sessions let organizations manage and allocate resources more efficiently

VAPT sessions let organizations prioritize all identified cybersecurity issues so that the mitigating resources are allocated more efficiently thus allowing the venture to remain online and retain the trust of its clients as well as its hard-earned corporate reputation.

VAPT sessions help improve the overall IT infrastructures of businesses

VAPT sessions also allow entrepreneurs to figure out which sections of their venture’s IT infrastructure need to be upgraded in a bid to make them virtually impenetrable. Most of the time, a patch can work but if the hardware or software is outdated, security patches won’t hold in the event of a strong cyberattack carried out in multiple waves!

Choose Network Techlab’s Cyber Security solutions for the best results

Network Techlab is one of the premier providers of cybersecurity solutions in India. NTIPL and their cybersecurity solutions entail pertinent features that help keep the infrastructures of its clients virtually impenetrable.

With time NTIPL made sure that its cybersecurity solutions have been simplified all the while preserving their robustness and speed. Furthermore, NTIPL has been helping businesses to unlock their true potential by ensuring they do not face unplanned downtimes.

With that stated, here is a list of cybersecurity solutions that entrepreneurs can avail of from NTIPL at reasonable and scalable tariffs.

  • Enterprise Security Solutions
  • Cloud Security Solutions
  • DevSecOps Services
  • Container & Serverless Security Solutions
  • Security Operation Center Services
  • Advance Endpoint Security Solutions
  • Email Security Solutions
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Solutions
  • AtmosSecure SOC Services
  • Mobile Security Solutions

Network Techlab also has the resources needed to offer commendable VAPT solutions that would allow businesses to find loopholes in their existing infrastructure in a bid to virtually and physically patch the same.

After patching of existing issues is carried out by NTIPL, the service provider would again run a VPAT test in a bid to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions applied. The firm would then present business owners reports of the VAPT patch management process they have carried out in a bid to let the client audit the solution(s) applied.

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